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West nile virus guide and facts, mosquito facts and informat

Have you or someone you love been bitten by a mosquito? What are the chances they could be infected with West Nile virus?

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How Will West Nile Virus Affect You?
Have You or Someone You Love
Been Bitten By a Mosquito?
What are the Chances They Could Be Infected
With West Nile Virus?

Consider Bob Brookmans encounter
with West Nile Virus.
Bob Brookman and his wife lived in the suburbs of Chicago in a well kept and well developed neighborhood. A summer evening in 2004 changed their lives forever.

They were enjoying a beautiful summer early evening on their back patio. Their lawn was well manicured, the gardens were meticulously kept by a hired service. They spent much of their time at their jobs and relished moments like this when they could enjoy the fruits of their labor.

As they enjoyed the evening there were a few mosquitos buzzing around. Only a couple. Certainly not something new for the Chicago area.

A mosquito landed on Bobs wifes arm. She swatted a mosquito as anyone would. Looking at the dead mosquito she said, Wouldnt it be funny if that was a West Nile Virus mosquito!

The haunting truth for Bobs wife was that the mosquito did carry the West Nile Virus. She was soon overtaken by fever and hospitalized.

Bobs soul mate never made it back home; she died months latter!

Listen to the real Story!

The above events reflect the story as told by Bob in a radio commercial that I heard in the summer of 2005 on WLS in Chicago.

Bobs heartbreaking story implores radio listeners to use a mosquito spray product to avert the same type of tradgedy that caused the loss of his wife. Bob wants others to take action so that you will not share the tragedy they experienced!

Bob and his wife are real names and depict an actual event.

The new threat of West Nile Virus is real, you listened to the actual radio commercial as Bob told his story....now watch this video. (takes a minute to load please be patient)

West Nile Virus and You!

Knowledge is always the first step to acquiring the Wisdom you need to make intelligent decisions. How much do you really know about West Nile Virus?

Let me illustrate the above sentence. Lets say you have gained knowledge regarding the rough or gang ridden portions of a big city near you. Because you have that knowledge, you should have the wisdom not to venture into those areas, especially at night. Youll stay far away from those areas, especially if you value your life!

I dont want to be melodramatic, but people have died from West Nile Virus. A brief view of this distribution map of the west nile virus will open your eyes to the fact that this virus is spreading. The fact is, more people have contracted West Nile Virus this year than last year.

More people have died from West Nile Virus this year than last year. As I said above, look at these maps to give you an idea how the virus is spreading. West Nile virus map for dead birds.
Have You Noticed that There
Arent As Many Birds as in Previous Years?

No, its not your imagination. Bird populations are in a decline. In previous years I would awaken to the early morning by the cawing of crows as they chased each other and hunted for food.

Last year I saw a few crows around, this year I only observed one!

Theres a reason for the declining bird populations. Its the West Nile Virus.

The life cycle of the virus involves birds and mosquitos. As far as its known, all birds are susceptible to the West Nile virus. The crow species has been the hardest hit. Crow populations in some areas have been totally decimated!

The West Nile virus lives in the blood of a bird, and when bitten by a mosquito, the West Nile virus is transferred to the mosquito as it is consuming its dinner. When the mosquito visits and bites another bird, the virus is then trasferred to that bird.

Have you noticed that your local health department has a public awareness program out. They are asking anyone who finds a dead bird to report it. Do you know why?

Did you know that not all mosquitos carry the virus?

Do you know what time of day mosquitos are the most active?

Are you familiar with the life cycle of a moquito? Wonder where they live?West Nile Virus Guide and Mosquitos

Have you been bitten by a mosquito this year?

Do you know the symptoms of the West Nile virus?

Have any idea of the relationship between horses and West Nile Virus?

Is there a cure or vaccination?

Is there any way to control mosquitoes in your yard?

Are there any natural predators to moquitos?

Do mosquito sprays work?

Which spray is the best?

Youll find all the answers in the West Nile Virus Guide

What can You Do About West Nile Virus

The threat of West Nile Virus is very real. If you live in an area where mosquitos or birds are present, then there is a very real chance that West Nile Virus is there also. Thats the bad news.

Here is the good news. You can arm yourself with the Wisdom needed to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangerous West Nile Virus.

I wrote the West Nile Virus Guide just for that purpose. To give you the knowledge needed to make smart decisions, and to protect yourself and your loved ones for being run down by this new threat!
Your Fears About West Nile Virus

I need to make a confession. Your fears were my fears. Allow me to explain.

I live in the U.S. in the northern half of Illinois.

I live in a beautiful area. A river in my backyard, a yard filled with oak trees, hickory trees, our own little forest with wild gardens, lots of lawn to mow and a conservation area on the backside of our property. The conservation area floods in the spring and we have standing water about 2 or 3 feet deep, sometimes well into the summer......The perfect mosquito factory!

I have three wonderful boys, a wife, and we love living here; however, I am concerned for our safety since we live next to a virtual mosquito factory. At times, the mosquitoes are so bad that we stay in the house.

So......I did the research and found out exactly how dangerous the West Nile Virus is and what we can do to protect ourselves. What I found out was interesting and scary!

My sons are older now and I would categorically state, right here, that if they were young.....I would move. The threat of west nile is real, people are dying. West nile virus is rapidly spreading across the United States. I have the facts and maps to prove it, all is available in West Nile Virus Guide.

No authority knows how many mosquitoes carry the West Nile Virus. It is known, that many people contract the west nile virus and the symtoms will vary widely. You need to read the West Nile Virus Guide to find out what those symtoms are.

Also, there are many variables that affect your vulnerability to the west nile virus. I wonder if you fall into the category of someone who could be more susceptible than others? The West Nile Virus Guide can give you the information you need to make intellegent decicisions about the west nile virus.

The West Nile Virus Guide contains information you can use right now to protect yourself and your loved ones. It also contains information you can use to dig deeper into the subject and answer more of your questions.

The West Nile Virus Guide contains hundreds of hyperlinks (blue links that you click on) that lead to other resources. This makes West Nile Virus Guide a virtual online encyclopedia. You can find a subject or aspect of mosquitoes or west nile virus and dig deeper into it, all from within the ebook.

Now is the time to learn about west nile virus facts. You can easily learn how to protect yourself from this potentially deadly virus by purchasing my guide West Nile Virus Facts today. Simply click on the link below to make your purchase,

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