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How To Build An Online Business

How To Build An Online Business - Not A Money Maker

“Are You a Perennial ‘Get Rich Quick’
Opportunity Seeker? If So, It’s Time to
Put an End to Your Fruitless Quest for
Easy Riches… and Instead Learn How to
Earn Money With a Legitimate Business!”

Dear Internet Marketer,

There’s a dirty little secret that few gurus are willing to tell you.

And it is this very secret that will ultimately determine whether you become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams or end up losing the shirt off of your back because you cannot generate enough revenue to break even…

So what is this secret?

It’s simple. It’s obvious. And, yet, it is rarely included in Internet marketing ebooks, reports, and articles.

And here it is: the so-called “money makers” that are advertised to the masses as a license to print money… rarely ever work – even for the gurus themselves.
If you want to make REAL money and INCREASE the amount of money you earn each month, then you have to do something which Internet marketers rarely talk about…

And that is to create value for other people.

Now, this may sound entirely foreign to you after having read strategy-laden ebooks and reports that talk about the various ways to “extract cash” without talking about or even thinking about customers…

In reality, though, the bulk of highly profitable businesses are built around the concept of providing people with a service that they actually need at a price that is competitive when viewed in light of that particular market.

While the entrepreneur and the employees of the corporation may care only about the money they take home at the end of the day, they are all well-aware that this money is closely connected to what they produce for their target audience.

If they produce high-quality products and sell them at a reasonable price, they are likely to capture an ever-increasing portion of the market-share. And, if they create complete garbage and try to push it on anyone who will listen to them, then they’re not likely to stay in business for very long.

Unfortunately, Internet marketers in general don’t understand this. And this is frequently why they talk all day about fast ways to make cash… without first thinking in terms of problems that people have and potential solutions to those problems.

Luckily for you, this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to lock yourself into this bizarre mindset that both focuses exclusively on making money, but, at the very same time, prevents it from ever happening…

“How to Build an Online Business
- NOT a Money Maker”

“How to Build an Online Business” will do several things for readers, but one of the more important things it will do is help to cleanse them of the “get rich quick” mindset.

In particular, it will help YOU to…

bullet Focus on creating an actual business that will produce things of value for market participants who want them

bullet Ignore the impulse to create a low-quality, futureless, “money maker,” when they could instead build a real business that has the potential to generate millions in profit… but years down the road

bullet Calm down and focus on the long run, rather than worrying about how to pull off an overnight miracle

bullet Spend more time thinking in terms of process-mapping, process-refinement, and management, rather than product-selection and niche-selection

bullet Create REAL roadmaps to wealth with clear objectives, rather than inspiring fuzzy, fantastical, unrealistic dreams, which will ultimately end in severe disappointment

While specific “tactics” and “strategies” for wealth generation are also important and should not be downplayed, they are ultimately worthless if you do not start off with a REAL business, which plans to MAKE A PROFIT by creating things that people need and want!

…And, before you can do any of those things, you must have figured out everything listed above.

Of course, once you break yourself of this abstract problem, which is ultimately preventing your long-term success, you will have to start to think in terms of specifics – in terms of plans, in terms of tactics, and in terms of strategy.

Fortunately, “How to Build an Online Business” will tell you exactly how to do all of these things, too. But, unlike the usual ebook or report you’re used to buying, it won’t re-hash instructions for posting articles in directories or adding your link to DMOZ.

No, it will tell you things that you’ve probably never heard of before – things about business that virtually all other businesses (with the exception of those started without a customer-oriented objective in mind) already know… and things that all brick-and-mortar businesses know for certain…

What You’ll Learn…

To be more specific, when you pick up a copy of “How to Build an Online Business,” you will gain access to all of the following information:

bullet A detailed explanation of how to write a business plan executive summary

bullet Tips and strategies for analyzing the particular niche in which your business will reside and compete

bullet Tactics for evaluating competitors in your niche, comparing their products to your planned products, and determining how you can outcompete them

bullet Detailed “operations management” strategies, which include how to structure your business, how to delegate tasks, how to select managerial staff, and how to create and monitor processes

bullet An explanation of business accounting – i.e. how to monitor your incoming revenues and costs and how to pay taxes on the amount you earn

bullet An outline of the options you have for funding your business start-up (hint: you don’t have to pay out of pocket… and you certainly don’t have to do it for free!”

And that’s not all.

In addition to learning how to draft business plans, evaluate your niche options, evaluate your competitors, monitor your financials, monitor the accounting process, and structure your operations, you will also learn how to…

bullet Determine each of the logical steps in a given business process – and figure out how to structure them optimally

bullet Identify “decision-making” areas in your process maps, so that you can treat them differently from repetitive tasks that involve no decision-making

bullet Identify and complete necessary paperwork, so that you can operate your business legally and maintain important records correctly

bullet Create and manage business checking accounts to facilitate synchronized cash flow

Now, if you’re like many Internet marketers, you might be asking… what’s in it for me? Sure, you’re offering a lot of high-quality content, but what will it do specifically to improve my business and my life?

What “How to Build an Online Business” Will Do For You

Well, when it comes to your business, it will…

bullet Enable you to transform your business from a “minor league,” stagnant operation to a powerful, viable, limitless business

bullet Help you to transform personality-based operations into impersonal, carefully-planned processes that any employee with the right credentials can carry out – regardless of whether or not he has worked with you for years

bullet Endow your business with shockingly large efficiency gains, so that you can carry out all of the same tasks, but for less time and man-power invested

bullet Help you to restructure how you think about business, so that you are able to view wealth generation through the eyes of a business owner, rather than an “opportunity seeker”

bullet Enable you to see how patience, planning, and rigor will ultimately pay greater dividends than hurried, sloppy, “get rich quick” plans… both in the near-term and in the long term!

And, as for your life, it will…

* Allow you to earn more without working more
* Show you how to restructure how your business operates, so that all of the time you spend working is time that produces things with great value
* Enable you to significantly increase your annual income, so you can get that nice new house or nice new car… or to donate a big fat check to the charity of your choice
* Free up a tremendous amount of time, so that you can focus on your family, spend time with your friends, and take a few extra vacations

Now, what doesn’t sound appealing about that?

You get to learn how to build a REAL business, how to make a whole lot of money in the process… and, ultimately, how to spend more time with your friends and your family relaxing – and you can do it all without working more!

So, stop resisting. Stop telling yourself that the next great “opportunity” is a few days down the road.

Instead of waiting for that “opportunity,” create one for yourself by starting a REAL business today… and by doing so using information that business owners – not “opportunity seekers” – care about.

It really isn’t all that hard. It’s simply a matter of accepting that “opportunities” are a sham, learning the new technical knowledge you will need to succeed, and then actually applying that knowledge to create a business!

The Path is Simple, But You Still Must Choose to Take It!

The path to riches is simple. But, in order to get there, you must eventually choose to take it.

You must choose to abandon your fruitless conquest for “free, quick money”; and, instead, travel the path that will ultimately result in your betterment and wealth.

Of course, there is no better way to start down this path than to grab a copy of “How to Build an Online Business,” which is created explicitly for people like you.
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