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Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program by Ewen Chia

Presenting The Fastest And Easiest Way To Bank In A Fortune Online - Guaranteed!

"How To Go From Dead Broke To 5-Figure Income With YOUR OWN Best-Selling Information

Product...Even If You Don't Have A Clue What To Sell Or How To Get People To Buy It Now!"

Are you tired of trying to make money online and never getting any results?

Are you tired of spending hours at a time coming up with ideas that you think will make

you a fortune, but in the end, all you ever see is lost revenue, which leaves you

frustrated, and in worst shape than you were before you tried to make things happen for

yourself and your family?

Do you wish that there was a sure-proofed way that you could know from the get-go that

the very next project you launch will be a success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want you to know that I have good

news for you...

Because in a minute, youre going to learn about a cant fail tool that will make your

past failures and disappointments nothing more than a distant memory of your life and

transform your next product into your virtual ATM!

Ill tell you more about that in a second, but first, let me introduce myself...

My name is Ewen Chia, an Internet marketing "guru" with more than 10 years of experience

selling millions of dollars worth of info products classified as best-sellers.

Believe me, it wasnt always easy. You see, Ive been where you are right now, so I know

exactly how you feel...

But once I discovered this secret that all successful marketers utilize to launch new

products day in and day out, my profits skyrocketed and they have continue to grow ever


And TODAY, I want to share this secret with you, so you too can finally realize your

dreams of financial prosperity...in fact with this secret in your hands...

Money Will Be Hitting Your Bank Account Faster Than A Speeding Bullets Once You Apply

These Secrets!

Its a known fact that developing and selling your own products is one of the keys to

making real profits online. However, the problem for most marketers, maybe even you, is

actually having a product that sells.

But once you say yes to this new, revolutionary tool that has propelled thousands of

ordinary people just like you to millionaire status, youll finally be able to live the

stress and financially free life that you truly deserve.

With this unique tool, youll:

*** Have profit-producing products making money for you 24/7, 365 days a year!

*** Never have to worry about launching a product that no one buys...

*** Take your online business to the next level of success with in-demand info products

*** Be able to quit your job where youre underpaid and truly be your own boss!

*** Have secrets handed to you that marketing gurus have used for years to make


*** And much much more!

Youll get all of that and more with my exclusive...

"Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program"!

Once you say YES to the "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program", youll have access to

techniques that have been researched, tested, and proven to work!

This one-of-a-kind course is jammed packed with million-dollar info product ideas that

are just waiting to be launched.

Simply put, theres no other product, service, or resource available today that even

comes close to what youll get with "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program"...

Heres why.....

Other or Similar Products:

*** Cant guarantee your results

*** Dont consist of hundreds of profit-producing ideas just waiting to be launched by


*** Will only provide you with the same results you're receiving now, or no results at


*** Havent been tested, proven to work, and used by marketing gurus day in and day out

*** Dont care if you ever reach your financial goals

The "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program":

*** Is jammed packed with real ideas and strategies that fill your pockets with cold

hard cash

*** Ensures that your next product launch is a complete success

*** Has been tested, proven and used by marketing gurus, including mejust Google my

name and you'll see for yourself how successful I am...

*** Is your Silver Bullet to taking your business the next level of success

And thats just the tip of the iceberg!

Why You Cant Fail With The "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program"...

Some folks think I have completely lost my mind because I am blowing the roof off all my

very own secrets and covert techniques for creating info product bestsellers in less than

24 hours.

Here's a taste of what you'll get with this massive double-pronged assault...

This is a 2-module program that is crammed full of all the essential information you want

to know...and you need to know, to really take it to the next level...

Module #1 is an intensive audio file that contains 6 mind blowing sections...each of

which is laser targeted to specific areas of developing your brand new Instant


Listen to it in the car...listen to it at lunch... download it to your iPod.

You'll be sponge soaking up every word, and transforming into an info product bestseller

almost overnight!

Module #2 is the audio transcript, so you can take notes and follow along with

everything I teach you to do....nothing is left to chance and you will have me right

there with you!

You can refer to this complete transcript anytime you want from the comforts of your

home...print it out, take notes, use the resource links, check your progress along the


It's a virtual BLUEPRINT for you to become successful with your own best-selling, 5-

figure info product!

Wondering what you'll find inside this complete comprehensive package?

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll discover...

Section A opens your eyes to the covert strategies of the mega successful marketers that

can pound out bestseller after bestseller, each and every month! Here's a taste of the

things you'll learn:

You'll learn how to break down product development into simple, duplicable processes that

you can repeat over and over again for maximum profits! Discover:

*** Highly sought after techniques for putting a new twist on product creation, that

cranks up the revenue flow instantaneously!

*** Uncover exactly what makes a bestseller a...well, a bestseller. And you'll find out

why some products are just destined for failure!

*** You'll learn everything you need to know about tuning your mind into "the product

creation mindset"!

*** You will get me to spill my guts on the incredibly important product creation set-up

process, which if not done correctly could be costing you a fortune!

Section B tears through all the hype and shows you ALL the killer research commando

tactics used by the really serious marketers! This speeds your time to profits


*** Who doesn't love to just find money? You'll learn the little known secrets for

actually "finding money" in just minutes from now!

*** You get the insider skinny on how to easily and quickly determine if you're entering

an untapped market or an unprofitable one...you'll be able to burn quickly past the

losers and ensure you're only working with profit pulling projects!

*** How to make your competitors your best friends during these rapid fire bestseller

launches! You'll be marketing them right out of business after you try this!

*** Learn everything about tactical surveillance of your closest competitors. You'll

find out how to legally and ethically spy on your competitors, giving you the ability to

dominate any market you walk into...

*** You'll get your hands on my own "secret formula" for guaranteeing profits on any

product...and it takes just minutes!

Section C accelerates your product idea generation to warp speed using some seriously

devious techniques! Here's a hint of what you'll uncover:

*** You'll find out how bad news can be good news for your business, and you'll be able

to easily crank out profit pulling concepts in a heartbeat!

*** Learn how you can legally and ethically "steal" your competitors ideas and turn

these into instant bestseller!

*** You'll discover how to quickly and easily identify "gaps" in the marketplace, giving

you first mover advantage and sure fire profits!

*** Discover the unknown forum secrets that could put you on the fast track to new

products in just hours!

*** You'll uncover the underground techniques for using other people's articles to

develop your own massive breakthroughs!

Section D blasts your product creation process into overdrive! You won't be able to sleep

after discovering how easy it really is to go from zero to full blown product in less

than 24 hours! In this section you'll find:

*** The never before disclosed methods power players use to rake in hordes of cash,

before their product has even been created!

*** Uncover how two tiny little words will massively boost the value of any report you


*** You'll get the skinny on how to rake in colossal amounts of cash with tiny little

10-12 page reports!

*** You'll find out how to easily and quickly become a software mogul and you'll learn

what common mistakes most people make...so you know how to avoid them!

*** You'll learn of a little known website that will spit out brand new products for

you, and have you on the road to profits in just minutes! All you need to do is punch a

few buttons!

Section E blows the lid off all product packaging methods of the big players! When you're

done with this you'll be adding thousands in profits with a few simple tweaks!

*** I'll reveal the actual name and website of one of my own personal copy writer. Look,

I've never given any of my own personal contacts before, and this alone is worth the

price of admission!

*** You'll uncover the amazing formula for graphics-for-profits...so many people fail

here and you'll learn how to avoid the common blunders!

*** Learn the essential tricks for substantially increasing your perceived value and

your price! This will equate to gargantuan profits over a very short time!

*** Discover how to use video and audio to create killer products that will literally

fly off the shelves...you will not believe how easy it is to profit from these methods!

*** You'll learn exactly how to position bonuses with your product, for maximum

effect...and you'll discover why making a mistake here can cost you thousands!

Section F cuts to the chase and is where you grab the ultra secret Intel on how to make

an EASY 5 figures in under 30 days! Some of the killer strategies you'll learn include:

*** I'll expose everything you ever needed to know to get your biggest competitors to

become your cash cranking JV partners...or you'll run them right out of business!

*** You'll get the exclusive details on leveraging multiple revenue streams to turn your

bestseller into an explosion of cash!

*** You'll learn how simple advertising can dramatically and instantly lift your product

into bestseller status...making you the envy of all the other players!

*** Unearth the exact step-by-step blueprint for turning your instant bestseller into a

5 figure cash cow!

*** I'll reveal how you can quickly and effortlessly apply all of this knowledge to

create your very own info product empire...blasting out bestseller after bestseller!

But wait, thats not all...

Once you say yes to "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program", youll also receive



Bonus #1: "101 Best-Selling Title Swipe File"

With this unique report, youll received 101 of the hottest titles, giving you a virtual

cheat sheet for developing your very own in-demand products. It will cover areas, such


*** Internet Marketing
*** Travel
*** Misc
*** Home & Family
*** Society & Culture
*** Marketing & Ads
*** Health & Fitness
*** Money & Employment
*** Sports & Recreation
*** Business To Business
*** Computer & Internet
*** Fun & Entertainment

Bonus #2: "48 Instant Info Product Ideas!"

With this report, youll get exclusive access to info product ideas that are guaranteed

to get you on the path to financial prosperity, so youll never have worry about

launching an info product that doesnt sell.

Bonus #3: "Instant Public Domain Secrets"

In this truly amazing report, youll learn how, with a little patience, you can start

making money with no investment whatsoever and sell works that are already done for you

by taking advantage of works in public domain. This is a report you definitely MUST have

in your arsenal!

Bonus #4: "Instant Tele-Seminar Secrets"

With this report, youll discover how to empower yourself with increased profits through

the use of tele-seminars, which are highly used by companies of all sizes. And guess

whatIf you can offer this service, then youll be in demand for companies worldwide. And

with this report, Ill show you exactly how!

Now thats an impressive package and perhaps the best part about it is that Im going to

give it to you TODAY for basically pennies on the dollar!

Keep reading and in a minute, Ill tell you exactly how much. But first...

Just hear what Mark has to say about "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program"...

"I'm Mega-Impressed At The Information On The Tele-Coaching!"

Hi Ewen, going in to the program I was expecting about 45 to 60 minutes of decent

content. When the call ended 2 hours later I needed a break - there was so much

information. I'm mega-impressed at how much time you gave and the extent you went to

cover the topic from A to Z!

While all of the "chapters" of the call were great, I thought the topic and outline of an

action plan was golden. A great, well thought out and extremely actionable program.


- Mark Eckenrode


Now that youve heard what Mark said, you should be convinced, but if youre like most

people, then youre probably still a little skeptical. But remember this: If you keep

doing what youre doing right now, then youll only be successful at getting the same

results over and over again.

Today is the day for you to make a change, so you can finally enjoy the fruits of your


Isnt YOUR Future And Financial Freedom Worth It?

Its time you take full advantage of my "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program" at a

introductory offer of just a one-time investment of only $197.00 $39.97!

Thats right, you can have this amazing program that not only gives you the results you

re looking for, but it also saves you time and money. It literally pays for itself!

So Are You Ready To Get Started?

By now, if you really want to start making a profit selling your very own info product

online, then you want to know how to get your hands on the "Instant Bestseller Tele-

Coaching Program", right?

Im pleased to offer you this program at an amazing value for just the next couple of

days, so dont wait.

Now is the time for you to say YES to success...

Now is the time for you to say YES to your own profit producing products...

Now is the time for you to say YES to taking your online business to the next level...

Now is the time for you to say YES to banking big bucks just like the gurus...

Now is the time for you to say YES to getting over the hump holding you back

Now Is The Time To Say YES To The "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program"!

Im pleased to offer you this unique program at an amazing value of just $197.00

$39.97 TODAY before this introductory offer goes up to the official $197.00 anytime

without warning...

Dont wait. Heres what you need to do immediately

YES! I Want To Be On My Way To Providing A Stress And Financially Free Life

For Myself And My Family For Just A One-Time Investment Of Just $197.00 $39.97!

(We reserve the right to end the special discount at anytime without warning.)

PS. Remember, if you keep doing what youre doing now, you will only be successful at

getting the same results over and over again. If you want to have something youve never

had before, you have to do something youve never done before!

Try the "Instant Bestseller Tele-Coaching Program" NOW!

>>>>Instant Download Available 24 Hours A Day!

>>>>All this and more for just $39.97

>>>>Just click the GREEN Instant Download Button above

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(c) Copyright - 2010 All Rights Reserved

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