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Stop Smoking Now: Tested Strategies

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For Smokers Ready To Quit: Discover The Secrets To Kicking Your Cigarette Habit Once and For All...

This Is The Last Time Youll Ever Have To Quit... Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

Yea its True...

I tried to quit over 9 times!

And 9 times I failed...

But attempt number 10 was different... More on this in a bit.

If you are anything like most smokers... There have been times when you have tried to quit in the past.

Since you are here right now Im guessing those attempts failed. The truth is I can relate to where you are coming from...

I used to smoke almost 2 packs a day!

I knew I was taking years off of my life if I kept smoking but every time I tried to quit... I couldnt kick the habit...

And with each failed attempt I started to feel worse and worse about myself.

Id be watching TV with my daughter and see the stop smoking ads showing piles of body bags and the stats of how many people smoking kills... and I started to hate myself!

I knew I had to make a change and I really wanted to. Thinking about dying and how it would effect my family really got to me. I wanted to be there for my wife and daughter.

I didnt want to be a statistic and the fact I couldnt kick the habit was really starting to scare me...

Especially since I had really tried to quit in the past.

I tried to quit cold turkey and lasted 2 days...

I tried the gum and I was smoke free for about a week before I gave in...

I tried the patch and had no success...

I tried hypnosis and it didnt work...

Its A Horrible Feeling To Know Youre Killing Yourself Yet Are Unable To Do A Damn Thing About It!

This is where I was and I didnt know what to do...

I was scared and couldnt stop worrying about it. Every time I lit a cigarette, I would think about how badly I wanted to quit and couldnt.

I got to a point where I felt depressed. I really starting disliking myself for not being able to quit.

Not only was my addiction having a massively negative effect on me physically from all the smoke and carcinogens I was putting into my body... But it was starting to wreck havoc with me mentally...

It was at this point that I went on a personal crusade to find out as much information as I could about smoking and about how the heck I could quit.

Sure I knew nicotine was hugely addictive in the physical sense but there had to be more to it than that.

I had tried the patch and the gum which should have taken care of my physical addiction to nicotine and allowed me to stop smoking but it didnt.

It was then I realized smoking was more than a physical addiction and that there was a psychological element to it...

My Psychological Addiction Was What Prevented Me From Quitting and It Wasnt Until I Addressed The Underlying Conditions That I Was Able Kick The Habit!

Think about it for a moment...

How many times throughout your day do you light up a cigarette at the same time or during the same activity day after day?

When you are driving in your car? After you finish a eating a meal? During a break at work?

This is the type of psychological addiction Im talking about. Over time, the more you habitually smoke at certain times and during or after certain activities, youre brain actually connects that activity to smoking!

I used to smoke every time I would go somewhere in my car. It got to the point where I would need to make sure Id have cigarettes for the times I would be driving.

Discovering how psychologically addicted I was to smoking was a real eye opener and the understanding of this information had a huge impact on my finally being able to quit...

You see for so many years, I simply focused on the surface. I never took the time to explore how cigarettes were intertwined into different areas of my life and how certain times and activities actually became triggers inducing me to light up.

This is why I had so much trouble quitting in previous attempts. But when I discovered the psychologically addictive side of smoking, I was actually able to put a plan in place to combat it.

Understanding when and why I smoked as well as the triggers causeing everything to happen allowed me to begin focusing on those individual situations.

By Developing New Plans and Routines I Was Able to Circumvent My Old Engrained Habits... Break the Psychological Addiction... And Quit Smoking Once and For All!

I have now been smoke free for over 5 years! I feel incredible and know I have added years to my life!

And the truth is I never would have been able to quit if I hadnt discovered my psychological addiction...

It caused me to smoke and made it almost impossible to quit!

And I can almost guarantee if you have tried to quit before or about to try and quit for the first time and havent addressed the underlying Psychological elements of your addiction, your attempts to quit will fail.

But it doesnt have to be this way...

You see by taking steps to address the underlying elements of your habit you can be smoke free...

You can live your life without being controlled by cigarettes...

You can live a life independent of cigarettes and ensure that you will be there for your family...

And you can do it NOW!


Stop Smoking: Kick The Habit Now!

Stop Smoking - Kick The Habit Now is a comprehensive 73 page guide that will successfully make you a non-smoker faster than you ever thought possible!

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