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Email Auto Format MRR

"Stop! Spam Filters Are Making A Huge
Impact On Email, And It Has A Bad Effect
On You And Your Email List You've Worked
So Hard To Compile.. The EMAIL Format Pro Email Marketing System Can Help
Get Your Email Through..."

Discover How You Can
Get White-Listed, and
Get Your Email Past
The SPAM Filters!

Now You Can Stop Worrying About SPAM Filters, and Start Reaching Your Prospects...

Now You Can Stop Worrying About SPAM Filters, and Start Reaching Your Prospects...

Dear Friend,

How much time and effort do you put into your online business, and how much of that time is spent trying to stay up to date with your email marketing efforts?

As you already know, email marketing is one of the most lucrative avenues you can use to really pump up the money that you make each and every month from your online business efforts.

But.. Are Your Emails Getting Through To Your Prospects?

On January 1, 2004, the CAN-SPAM Act, went into effect in the US. ISP's (Internet service providers), hosting companies, and email hosting services have taken every means available to stop SPAM from entering into their paying customers inboxes.

This turns out to be both good and bad...

First, it's good in that you and I do not have to work so hard at getting rid of all of the JUNK in our email inboxes, although these filters have helped, they have not helped as much as everyone thought they might.

Secondly, it's bad because now you and I have to figure out just how we can get our emails through to our opt-in prospects and subscribers, because these filters have inadvertently started hitting "legitimate" email marketers email as well.

In fact, I just sent an email to a friend a couple of days ago, and he never received it because his ISP's SPAM filters tagged it as SPAM, and trashed it!

This was as legitimate of an email as you can get between two friends, and if this is happening between friends, what do you think these filters are doing to your business emails?

So I decided That It Was Time To Come Up With A Solution To This Problem, And It Was Time To Start Getting Your Emails Through..

It isn't a complicated thing to do. In fact, everyone can do this if they want to put in the time and effort.

Take a look at this, and see for yourself...
3 Things You Can Do To Start Getting Your Emails Past The SPAM Filters and Into The Inbox

First step is to get your business email address and IP address "White Listed" by AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and others

Make sure all of your emails are formatted properly, and in a fashion as not to trigger the SPAM filters

When you "MUST" use SPAM trigger words such as "Money" or "Opportunity", convert those words using system characters such as " " or
" * ", and others

It's not that people cannot follow these three simple steps ... The problem is that marketers do not know how to go through this process in the proper way for it to work for them.

Look, it's a very simple process to understand...

* You go through the proper channels and get your business email address and IP address "White Listed" at the major email providers such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

* Devise a simple process for making sure each of your emails that you send out are formatted properly, and make sure there are no "hidden" properties that may trigger the SPAM filters.

* Work through your email message, and find each "SPAM Trigger" word and phrase that can trigger the filters, then alter them in a fashion that DOES NOT trigger the SPAM filters.

Once you have finished this process, 98 to 99 of your emails can get through.

It's the simple system and steps that all major email marketing firms and Internet marketing professionals use to get their emails through to you.

Now At Last, You Can Use This Same Process Too.

I have taken the time and put in all of the effort at perfecting a system that can help produce email marketing results that have only previously been available to the marketing elite...

You'll Follow These 3 Super Easy Steps..

Step #1: Follow along with me, and find out if your IP address is black listed, and what you can do about it. After making sure your IP and email addresses are not black listed, we will go through the super easy steps of getting YOU white listed with the major email providers, and get your emails through to your prospects.

Step #2: Next, you'll learn how to use a very simple process for formatting your email messages, and getting them through the SPAM filters with ease, and making sure your emails are extremely easy to read for your prospects and subscribers.

Step #3: Use this simple to use push button tool that I use to alter each SPAM word and phrase for each and every email you send out, and watch now as almost every email you send gets past the SPAM filters.

Once you have followed these 3 simple steps, you'll be joining the ranks of the elite marketers and email marketing firms, and you could start enjoying the added income potential just like they do.

Look at it this way... Out of everyone who is trying to accomplish something through email marketing, only about 12 of those people really ARE getting through, and making the added income from their emailing efforts.

Wouldn't you like to be on that very small list of marketers who know their emails are getting through the SPAM filters, and getting read by your email list?

Of course you would or you wouldn't be reading this letter now..

That's Why I Created The Email Format Pro Email Marketing System Of Tools and Resources..


Email Format Pro: Now You Can Quickly Get White Listed and Easily Format All Of Your Emails In 3 Simple Steps!

You Probably Don't Even Know It, But You Can Get Yourself White Listed With All Of The Major Email Service Providers

I've done all of the research and did all of the background footwork for you on getting white listed with the major email service providers.

You see, that's one of the biggest mistakes of many in email marketing today ...

And most do not even realize they could get white listed !

Look at this: It's easy for all of the big marketers to tell you that the money is in the list (how many times have you read that), and that email marketing is how to generate gobs of cash, but what they don't tell you is how to get white-listed like they have so you can start really making those mounds of money.

* What if you could get white-listed in all of the major email service providers lists?

* What if you could see an increase in your email marketing efforts like never before?.. How much more do you need, 10, 30, 80 increase or more?

FACT: If you want to create an amazing impact for yourself, and stop bouncing from email service to email service because of getting black-listed, then you need to start at the right place right from the beginning.

This is the one place and the very first step that you need to take.

Why waste your time, money, and all of the effort if your email is not going to get read?

If you want to produce big time results, then you must know all of this information, and insider secrets to getting white-listed.

And, when you place your order within the next 27 minutes, I am going to include as a special bonus my recently released report "3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed and Delivered Every Time!"

"3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed, and Delivered Every Time!"

$67.00 Value

Here's what you're going to learn inside this top secret report:

* Learn Step-By-Step every CAN-SPAM law you MUST follow

* Why Abiding By The CAN-SPAM laws are not enough to get you white-listed

* How to Keep your emails out of the SPAM boxes and RBL lists

* 3 easy ways to know if your IP address has been blacklisted

* Why using 3rd party auto-responders can get you blacklisted (if you're not blacklisted already!)

* The 4 Things You Must Do to be white-listed by AOL, Netscape, and Compuserve

* 6 Things You Must Do to be white-listed by Yahoo

* Learn what you have to do to be white-listed by MSN, Hotmail, Roadrunner, Outblaze, and over 31,000+ other ISP's and domains (Hint: One easy step gets you white-listed with all of them!)

* The Extreme importance of having valid reverse DNS servers

* Why absolutely no one gets white-listed without a secure server, and how you can take care of this problem!

* You'll learn that for the last couple of years that the email is dead myth was absolutely wrong.

* How one Internet marketer bumped up his email sales from $1,000,000 to over $4,000,000 last year while everyone else way crying "Email Is Dead!"

* Why you need to understanding email headers, and why not knowing these things will get you blacklisted.

* Free Resource links, and pre-formatted CAN-SPAM compliant signature box that you can use in your own emails.

Without ever knowing these insider tactics, you could be spending a lot of time, money and effort for nothing on your email marketing campaigns.

But, now I have finally released this valuable information, and now you will never have to second guess if you're doing it right or doing it wrong.

Are You Ready To Start Making An Impact In Your
Email Marketing Efforts?
Now is the time, and today is the day to start building your email marketing efforts armed with your new found gold mine of information.

The Email Format Pro software, and the special secret report "3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed and Delivered Every Time" are completely up to date, cutting edge information and software.

Let's take a look at the Email Format Pro software email formatting tool, and see how it can help you save time, and energy formating your emails, as well as SPAM proofing them before you send them out.

With the Email Format Pro email formatting software tool, you'll be able to:

* Check Your Email Messages For SPAM Trigger Words and Phrases

* Easy to use, Simple Copy and Paste Operation

* Auto Inject SPAM Words and Phrases With Special Characters To Kill The SPAM Trigger Effect

* Choose The Special Characters You Want To Use With One Click Ease

* Auto-Format Your Email Messages To Any Paragraph Width You Choose

* Easily Exports Your Email Messages In Either HTML or Plain Text

* Free Software Updates For Life!

Email Format Pro takes care of all your email message formatting needs, and frees your time up from manually formatting, and searching for all of the latest SPAM trigger words and phrases.

With the Email Format Pro Software, and Armed With The Insider Secret Information In 3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed and Delivered Every Time, You're Ready To Start Making Large Amounts Of Money Via Email Marketing Once Again...

Combined, Both of these Products have a value of over $104.00, but that's not what you're going to have to pay for them.

Because this is brand new HOT Off The Presses software, and Cutting Edge Email Marketing Information, I have decided for a very limited time, I am going to do something very insane.

Because the information in the "3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed" report is so important, and I believe that it is a very limited opportunity for a small amount of people, I have decided on a cut-throat price so I can get this information out there as fast as possible.

So, for a very limited time, I am going to offer this amazing information and software package for the cut-throat low price of only: $37.

I had firmly decided on the price of $67 which would be an extreme bargin just for the "3 Easy Steps To Getting White-Listed" information report alone. But, as I have mentioned earlier, this white-listing doorway may be closing soon, as more and more marketers learn about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now the question is ...

"Will You Take Advantage Of This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity, and Get Your E-Mail White-Listed With AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Others, Or Will You Leave It On The Table For Someone Else?.. It's Your Choice."

FACT: Outblaze recently stated on their website, that they are actively pursuing better and stronger SPAM laws, including setting:

opt-in standards
prompt removal of spammers and hacked or insecure systems
adoption of authenticated email schemes
unequivocal anti-spam legislation
rapid response times at ISPs
diffusion of better email marketing management techniques

Outblaze operates over 35 million active email accounts for a variety of public and private clients from all over the globe.

Let me explain what you just read above...

You see, there are a lot of these big corporate companies that have a lot of pull in the emal industry, and when they all start banning together, the email laws will be changing on a world wide bases, and it is going to effect you, whether you like it or not.

The beautiful opportunity here, is that you have the chance right now to get into these white-lists, and you can do this before this becomes a big corporate money making game.

I make no guarantee that you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities to get white-listed for free next year. If you do not make the choice to do it now, then you're playing a game of cat and mouse, and you may very well have to pay a fee to get white-listed.

One such company that handles a lot of the emails for the bigger corporate companies is already starting to charge a fee, so I do not believe it will be to long before the others follow suit.

I take a look at this company inside the "3 Easy Steps To Get White-Listed" report, so you will have full knowledge and understanding of where this whole thing is heading.

You're receiving over $104.00 in valuable software, and cutting edge email marketing information for the super low limited time price of only $37
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