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Makita NiCd Battery Repair Guide Rebuild Makita Battery

makita nicd battery repair guide rebuild makita battery. rebuild makita nicd battery in less then 5 minutes - diy nicad battery fix repair guide for makita. how to fix makita nicd battery. repair guide for makita battery. rvd process for makita nicd. revitalization through vaporization of dendrites for makita nicd battery.

same technique for all your nicad batteries. do not try the technique to any other type of battery. if you are looking for a new replacement battery,or a whole new cordless tool because your old batteries won't hold or take a charge, then we have a solution for your problem. do you have a dead or weak cordless power tool battery? looking for a cheap, effective way to repair them?

considering the price of a new nicad battery at $50 - $80, the cost to replace two them would be $100 - $160
you can fix following problems using our guide.

* dead battery or battery not holding a charge
* battery is weak even after a full charge
* battery works for a minute and then loses power
* battery is stored for long time and won't charge
* battery has no power at all.

use our guide to.

* give a new life to your dead nicd batteries.
* get full power from your dead nicd batteries.
* your nicd batteries will take a charge and hold it longer.
* your nicd batteries will run like new again. about 99 success rate!

with our technique, you can fix all makitas, and all products with nicd/nicad rechargeable battery. electric toothbrushes, cordless drills, cordless shavers, cordless saws, flashlights, cordless hammer drills, cellular and portable phones, laptops, cellular, mobile phone, mp3 players, camcorders, digital cameras, cordless
jig saws, and a whole of tools rely on rechargeable batteries.

don't throw away any makita battery, firestorm or versapak battery that does not hold a charge or does not give you the power you need, you can get new life from your battery or device that contains nicd batteries with our simple technique.

give a new life to your nicd battery by our step-by-step guide:

you can fix these shorted crystal dendrites by "revitalization through vaporization of dendrites (rvd) process".

we have a simple technique that transformed a totally dead battery into a like new performing battery that tested at 100 of it's charge capacity. you won't find a better price anywhere else for such a complete and detailed instructions and full illustrations easy enough for even a novice to follow. this technology is used successfully by thousands of satisfied customers.

*learn the technique once and repeat it over and over on as many batteries as you like.
*give a new life to all your nicd batteries used in ,electric toothbrushes, cordless drills, cordless shavers, cordless saws, flashlights, cordless hammer drills, cellular and portable phones,
cordless jig saws etc.

*give a new life to sealed batteries like the firestorm and versapak in seconds.

*our step by step guide will enable you to resurrect rechargeable nicd batteries to their full potential, so they will hold a charge.

*same technique for all your nicd batteries.

no disassembly is required for 95 batteries. however for badly abused batteries you will need access to individual cells within the battery, therefore some disassembly is required. we will show you in details how to disassemble, resurrect and assemble them again.
we will show you a step-by-step method that works and really works great!

after this technique
your nicd rechargeable battery will hold a full charge.

your battery will reach its full power & run time potential.

tools you need!

in order to safely perform the technique, you need
gloves, safety goggles, electric wire (lamp cord thickness or larger), volt meter and voltage source (dc power source; it could be your car battery, other tool batteries, welder or battery charger).

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makita nicd battery repair guide rebuild makita battery
tags: makita nicd battery repair guide rebuild makita batterry
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