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MP3 Kevin F. Montague - Bursting the Bubble I

Real sounding music without real musicians. All instrumentals: Created using the EnergyXT2.5 computer program. Originally composed, assorted popular themes. Music you can dance to, party to, drive to, use as background music or just have fun with!

12 MP3 Songs in this album (54:05) !
Related styles: Pop: California Pop, Electronic: Dance, Mood: Fun

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December 16, 2009

“Bursting the Bubble I” - Press Release:
Composer & Sound Engineer: Kevin F. Montague

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Liner Notes:
The purpose of this album series concept is to bring out many of the hidden or long term historical mind sets that make up our world today: Then bring them together in one glorious harmony, in a light hearted atmosphere, to remind everyone we are still one world, in spite of our different dreams and desires. My goal was to “burst the bubble” of lies people buy into, given all the masks people wear to protect themselves each day and to help everyone accept each other unconditionally; which is the reason for us being on this planet to begin with. That is what we came here to learn and master in ourselves.

I dedicated my first nine instrumental compositions, for this album, to the secular world; since that is a place we all have to face every single day. I picked topics that are either controversial in today’s society or are pure romantics, since I’ve been a romantic all my life. I think I did a masterful job with the EnergyXT2.5 computer program in rendering my instrumental tonal poems in this album. You''ll be listening to real sounding music without the need for real musicians to create it all! It was fun, but allot of work to do. My virtual reality Bluefire band consists of two virtual reality drummers, virtual reality guitar player, bass, 4 member brass section, two electric keyboard sections and piano.

I know you’ll have fun listening to my end result efforts in this album concept, as I make "simple" enjoyable. We live in interesting times with technology being what it is these days. Writing this album was a fun task that took about 6 months to complete I might add; with lots of “tweaking” to get the master sound mixes just right, as I composed each piece in stereo quality sound. I gave allot of play to the final stereo mixes, you should know. All of these instrumental works will play with your mind, if you listen to them with a good head set or ear buds on. I''m very pleased with the final product. I think you will greatly enjoy it!

The last three musical pieces are dedicated to the Lord of the Universe, who I’ve met in two full death encounters in my life, who loves us all, even though I know many can’t see what His plan is for all of us yet; and how we are all connected to each other. My goal, in this album concept, is to bring many differing and controversial mind sets together, which I created in the form of instrumental works anyone can dance to, drive to or just plain party too. I hope many of you will think of starting your own "Bursting the Bubble I" block parties with my music playing in the back ground. We are all one people that need to “burst the bubble” of our delusions to how we see things. We each need to grasp onto how things really are and step into the light of truth and love, with love toward each other. We are each to bring grace and forgiveness into a world full of death and hate. Hate is never the answer. Love and understanding is always the Way!

Enclosed are 12 original instrumental works. The last three works do have lyrics to them, but are excluded at this time of publication. Make me enough money to produce Bursting the Bubble II & III and I''ll introduce Bursting the Bubble IV with all the spiritual pieces on one album, while revealing what the lyrics are to those compositions! Only the instrumental renditions are created and arranged in this Album work. I''m a big fan to the music of the 1940''s, 1960''s and 1970''s. You''ll find I drew heavily from the writing style of those time periods in this "fusion of styles" I brought together in Bursting the Bubble I. My favorite classical composers are Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Mozart; as well as all the romantic composers. My favorite artists of the recent past are Johnny Williams, Elton John, Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo fame, Paul McCartney, Moody Blues and many music artisans from the 1960''s and 1970''s. I love blending styles, but I also have found my own style of creating themes and mixing sound colors for the ear. Where an artist uses paint to make colors to please the eye, I use sound to please the ear. I have a classical training background in music, but love many of the pop styles that have emerged over the decades.

My favorite composition on this album, that I enjoyed writing and engineering the most, is "The Twilight Ballad". I think it has "hit" potential of a time period long gone by, but then again, people are rediscovering the music of the 1970''s again, so maybe they will lift up this piece by requesting it allot to help me sell my work. There is a magic in the final mix of this piece that is haunting, I think, to anyone who hears it. Anyway, if you loved the music of those time periods, you''ll enjoy all the compositions on this album when you purchase it. Now here is a brief description of the scenes I was thinking of as I wrote each instrumental tonal poem you will hear on this album.

1. On The Down Low:
To start off, I wanted "Bursting the Bubble I" not to be a coy or shy approach to life and all the different bubbles people live in or mindsets they have. So I created two instrumental poems in this first album, that story tell both the heterosexual side of the world and the homosexual side. Later on you''ll read about "Romance Under Moonlight" which approaches the heterosexual side of the equation of sex in life; just so you know I''m not playing any favorites in my work. But, "What better book to pick than J.L. King’s book on the subject of homosexuality or bisexuality in our societies"; I thought, which made the Times best seller list, as I recall, back when it came out in 2004. The book talks about “straight black men who sleep with other men”, but don’t see themselves as homosexual or bi-sexual. The concept so bewildered me that I had to try and see if I could render a tonal poem that captures the feeling I got from reading King''s short book. It is a controversial topic or taboo in our current day world and controversy is always a good selling tool when it comes to music. I have allot of respect for King in finding the guts to come out and talk about this type of mindset in our world you should know. My hat is off to him for his bravery. Frankly, to me, the men he talks about seem to want to be two different people in the same life time, as they work out what God sent them to the earth to work through. They wear two faces in other words, having two needs on the question for love that is hard to really put your mind around. On one side these men often have wives and girlfriends, I learned in reading the book, but have a need for the male love energy of other men. Since homosexuality has always been a taboo topic in the civilized cultures of the world, I wanted to draw attention to this topic, regardless of the fact it has been prevalent throughout man''s history over many millennium. The Christian Church always sees this as a serious sin, but to me; if you are going to condemn homosexuals with such hatred, like in "gay bashing", should you not be picking on the heterosexuals who all too often have sex outside of marriage too? Are they both not equally sins God condemns in the Bible? Besides gay bashing is murder and as I recall God condemns murder in the Bible too, if we are to condemn the gays in the same breath? To condemn men like King is to condemn ourselves of our own sins, in my view as well. None of us are perfect. So shouldn''t we all be learning unconditional love for each other, since none of us are perfect to begin with? The goal of this particular instrumental is to bring this out of the closet more, that we might try to understand each other better, with greater love and compassion. In fact, that is the purpose of each topic titled in this album with each instrumental. So I think it is good that people like J.L. King are among us, whether we wish to acknowledge them or not, especially in our Churches, which King clarifies in his book. So, why wear the masks I ask? What a way to address the hypocrisies of our world, when all should be out in the open. “God created us all”; is my motto and since God is perfect, which is evidenced by the creation all around us, how can he be in error to everyone he has created out of grace or unmerited favor, including those J.L. King talks about in his book? You decide for yourself. My job as the artist is to simply hold up a mirror to the society I live in and help everyone see each other with better clarity, not obscurity, through my musical works.

2. UFO Abduction.
This is another controversial topic no one can prove or disprove. I loved the television series entitled “The X-Files” when it was first on the air on television many years ago. It really got you thinking of other beings who might be visiting this planet. I''m convinced we are not alone in the Universe. What kind of God would confine Himself to one planet full of life, when you consider the enormity of the Universe? Still these people are persecuted for their claims. If the aliens are truly among us, perhaps their theme music might sound like this instrumental? This is in serious dedication to those who believe in UFO Abductions and the horror these people have experienced in such an encounter, which is learned when these people are put under hypnosis to recall the experience.

3. Orbital Dance:
I have a grand love for the arts and sciences. All of us have that child we once were inside of us, if you are my age, who long to be young and free again. So I conjured up a make believe vision in my mind, being a boy again and dancing among the boulders and rocks of the rings of Saturn. I could not tell the dance in pictures, but I could paint it in musical poetry. This is for those of us who are aging, who would love to be a young teen again, boy or girl, but are afraid to show it at our current age. This is for those of you who are still in touch with your inner child.

4. The Twilight Ballad:
One of my favorite Elton John songs was “The Ballad of Danny Bailey” recorded on the Yellow Brick Road album during the 1970’s. As I finished writing “Orbital Dance”, I thought of a cowboy riding the ground lands of Mars during a summer sunset. What an imagination I have? That inspired me into writing “The Twilight Ballad”. Then I thought of all the cowboy movies we all grew up with. This is for all of those who still love the cowboy spirit, no matter what planet you may live on, now or in the future.

5. Spy by Starlight:
I grew up during the 1960’s; when the cold war was getting close to hot and the mere mention of communism was something you only talked about in polite company. Even today, all the countries use spies. Governments have to use them, if their leaders are to make correct and accurate judgments to protect their kingship. This is a side of life that most think only is part of television, but life has many faces of glory and death to it. This is dedicated to all the spies out there who are not understood, or the glory they pursue from birth; and who loved the James Bond films of the 1960’s and 1970’s, if they are still alive and among the living.

6. Strutting the Walk:
This is more an off shoot, Chicago funk type of piece, dedicated to the young and beautiful, who just want to look good, be noticed and loved. How so often the young are misunderstood and their pursuits seen as vanity, but even vanity would teach us something about the world, when it comes to those who simply need to be noticed and need to be loved. We all have different goals in life we long to live and experience the love we each long for. So let’s just let the youth be who they are. This is for the young and buffed who just love looking good and love to strut their stuff.

7. Tribal War Dance:
I started thinking of many of the old John Wayne films I’ve seen over a life time and thought of how the poor American Indians were robbed of their land by the white man and Spaniards who invaded their land. Hollywood portrays them as savages, yet they were simply protecting their land; just as Bush has been doing since the 9/11 plane crashes into the Twin Towers in New York concerning America as of late. I’m older and wise enough to appreciate their plight over the 200 years they endured their land being ravaged. This instrumental piece is in dedication to their brave history, to protect the land they loved, gave their lives to defend and protect; when they were in power so long ago.

8. Romance under moonlight:
I’m a big Gene Kelly fan. I loved all of the Gene Kelly’s movies. I also loved Lisa Minnelli in the movie “Cabaret”. These are also taboo places in our world society these days. Anyway, I got the idea of what would happen if Lisa Minnelli met Gene Kelly one night in a Cabaret? This is providing they were young and the same age upon meeting, of course. "What would the band play that night", I asked myself? The end result is this instrumental I composed and arranged where I pit a trumpet, as the male-lead role, against the flute, as the lead-female role. It made a real challenge in the final master sound mix down, but I think I pulled it off on the EnergyXT2.5 program with the final color combination of instruments. I hope you’ll agree? The rest is simply a romantic dance, done the Gene Kelly way like he did in the movie American in Paris, if he was dancing with us today, like he did back in the 1940’s.

9. Dune’s Theme:
I read the Dune trilogy of books as a teen, long before it became a big screen hit. I loved its topic as a hero’s journey, though a bit esoteric to understand at first. I always wanted to do a cover theme for the movie which I did do so long ago in my youth. The result is this lovely melody and arrangement, in grand band format, for the imagination to take flight on, if you’ve read the book. This is to all the heroes in the world who go unsung.

10. Dove of the Blue Waters:
In my teens, I loved to write spiritual songs; not the traditional gospel formats either, but just songs that could take me out of this world with all its pain, into the true presence of who I saw God to be. In the Genesis account of creation in the Bible however, we are told of the Spirit of God moving over the waters to bring about the creation of man. I saw this as a very sacred moment, as God put his focus on a planet that had suffered a terrific ice age and who wanted life to be on the planet once again. So God brought mankind into existence. I wanted to capture this powerful, but moving moment to song. Dove of the Blue Waters, and the lyrics that go with it, are my answer to that vision I saw so long ago in my youth, as I was growing and learning. This is not to offend those of you who believe in the Darwinian Theory of evolution, but is simply my impression of the Biblical passage in musical form. The lyrics for this piece are equally as beautiful as the arrangement I came up with in this instrumental version of the song, but are excluded in this arrangement at this time.

11. Dew in the Morning Sky:
Once the Dove of the Blue Waters had created the new world for man, God breathed life into the body of Adam and the first man walked the Earth: So Holy scripture teaches us: Such was my inspiration with this song entitled "Dew in the Morning Sky". I wanted to capture the moment the scriptures talk about in a song that would tell the sacred love our Creator had for us all, as He spoke us into existence, no matter what the details really were when man came on the scene. The lyrics for this piece are equally as beautiful as well as the arrangement I came up with in this instrumental version of the song, but are excluded in this arrangement at this time.

12. The Sweetness of God’s Spirit:
This is my most favorite song, because it was the first real song I had ever written at age 15, while attending the Charismatic prayer meetings of the 1970’s. I had a very powerful encounter with the Lord of the Universe in one meeting one night, where His presence literally came upon me, an experience that was later confirmed in two full death encounters in my life at ages 25 and 44 where I felt what I felt in those experiences, but was allowed to stand in the presence of the source of that intense love and peace. The song that resulted was my attempt to express what it feels like, when you come in contact with the living God and get to feel just how much He really does love you: No matter whom you are or where you’ve been in life. His love is always unconditional and eternal. If you ever went to Church services, regardless of your faith or denomination; and you could have felt what I felt in this experience and in death, I think you would not shy away from going to God, no matter how you may view Him. He''s always there for you more than you know. If you only knew just how good God feels when He puts His presence and love upon you. The lyrics for this piece are equally as beautiful as the arrangement I came up with in this instrumental version of the song, but are excluded in this arrangement at this time.

Thank you for reading my liner notes! I hope by reading them, you''ll be even more encouraged to hear the samples which CD Baby has provided of these charming works and that you won''t hesitate to support me by buying a copy of my new album for yourself or for a friend! It makes for a great conversation opener at any occasion I should think.

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