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Instantly Drive Massive Server-Melting, Targeted, Google Adwords Traffic To Your Website
For As Little As 1¢ Per Click...
Cash it Out for $1.00 or More All While You
Dominate Your Competitors, Receive Fat Affiliate Commission Paychecks And Build
Your List - 100 Guaranteed!

Never Before Seen Adsense Arbitrage Strategy Makes All Previous Adsense Arbitrage Models Obsolete!

Listen up...

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or two, you have heard of the term Adsense Arbitrage... Right?

Basically, its about sending cheap Google Adwords traffic to a page that has high-paying Adsense ads on it. People click on your ads and you make money.

This was the ultimate lazy system for a while. But, like everything easy, people started abusing it and Google became smarter. After their smart pricing and quality score algorithms came into effect, many webmasters stopped making money with Adsense Arbitrage.

Heck, most people stopped using Adwords or Adsense altogether!

But, you havent been told the entire story. After these Google updates, smart webmasters have actually been making money hand over fist with Adsense arbitrage...
And These Greedy Bastards Have Been Keeping
Their Mouths Shut About How They Do It!

I should know - because Im one of them.

Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. If you want to make money with Adsense Arbitrage, you need to pay attention to a few things:

- Proper keyword research: Theres tons of cheap traffic yours for the taking. And it only takes a few hours to find all the keywords you could ever want!

- Achieving a high Adwords quality score: This is a combination of your keywords, ads and landing page.

- Increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate) AND your earnings per click from your adsense ads. Your ads have to be placed in such a way that encourages clicks - but clicks is only half the story. You have to get paid well for those clicks too!

- Achieve a high Adsense Quality Score: Most people have no idea that such a thing even exists - let alone know HOW to achieve a high Adsense Quality Score (AQS)

Address these (and use a few more secrets I have up my sleeve) and you can be in profit from day one.

Easier said then done.. right? Not any more... Introducing...

Instant Adsense Arbitrage

How To Find a Profitable Niche And
How To Do Keyword Research:

Exactly what Adsense arbitrage is and why its totally OK with Google! (if you know what you are doing). Google has actually admitted that Adsense Arbitrage is a valid business model. Its when people try to game the system (in an obvious manner) that problems start.

Whats the # 1 problem in our society and why you need to get out of this mindset if you want to make any money online.

Why Adsense Arbitrage is a completely ethical business model (if done right). Similar business models have been used online for decades - and offline for centuries!

Why internet marketing is the ultimate video game and why you need to be smart to play this game...

What types of niches to go after. Specific ideas given to you on a silver platter! You can just follow the process outlined with these seed keywords and set up a profitable Adsense arbitrage campaign quickly...

A free resource that sends you new niche ideas every day - including the approximate cost per click! Never be at a loss for profitable markets to target...

How to perform keyword research. Detailed screenshots take you by the hand and show you how its done - even if you are totally new to this!

Which keywords to go after when you create your Adsense arbitrage campaigns - and which to stay the hell away from! (Hint: if you think they are necessarily the most expensive in your market, dont bet your house on it)

How to annihilate your competitors by tapping into dirt, dirt cheap keywords that they havent even thought about (let alone use). Thinking out of the box is what will give you the edge...

Managing your keyword lists: How to deduplicate your keyword lists, clean them up from unwanted terms, filter them, group them in related groups - the works...

How to use Amazon to get access to even more keywords. Overload your campaigns with keywords and your server with traffic...

The power of brand term keyword research. This alone can potentially bring you 1000ds of extra visitors a day - for mere pennies per click!

Why sometimes its important to rearrange the order of some of the keywords you have - and why not doing it could cut your traffic by up to 66. I havent heard ANYONE else talk about this (and I read a lot).

How To Optimize Your Landing Pages
For Maximum Profits:

How to decide which Adsense term to target on your landing pages. If you said the most expensive, think again. Thats what everybody does and they make no money...

Why focusing on the Cost Per Click of your Adsense terms is the WRONG thing to do. It could actually be catastrophic to your Adsense arbitrage campaign. But I cant blame you if thats what you are doing right now. Everyone is telling you to do it. (Hint: any Yahoo can come into a market and pay $10 for the top term - but dont think that you will show that ad on your page)

Why the meaning of your Adsense term can be crucially important. You can be a keyword-research and Adsense expert. But get this one wrong and good luck trying to make one red cent with Arbitrage...

How to set up your landing page for maximum profits and why most arbitragers do it all wrong. Would you rather make $500 in profits from your Arbitrage campaign or $3,000? I thought so...

The three main goals that your landing page should have and how to make damn sure that you achieve just that. Not all your visitors are looking for the exact same thing. Some of them are actually willing and able to spend more money with you than just $1 that you would get per click. Why not get it? Its yours.

The question of content explained. Hint: theres more to it than just finding an article and slapping it on your page. If you do that, you are living lots of profits on the table that are rightfully yours...

What you should do if you want to create a review for a product that pays you money - but you dont want to pay for the product! (no, its not about stealing other peoples reviews. This trick is 10 times dirtier and low. I DONT RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS - but you can, if you want. And Ill also show you an ethical way to do this.

How to use your landing pages headline to draw attention to your Adsense ads. I share two ways you can do this. Note that Google frowns upon this. Its your choice whether you want to use them or not...

How wide should your page be? Probably not as much as most peoples pages . Make it hard for your visitors to see your page and say goodbye to them...

Two tools you can use to help you receive fatter paychecks. These tools where originally created to help you make more money from your Adsense. But I will show you a sneaky way to use them so you make more money from affiliate programs as well. I DONT RECOMMEND you do this either. People who do this are really desperate for cash. That said, it works.

How to name your page. Yes, this is extremely important for your profitability. NOBODY seems to be doing it correctly! Giving your page the wrong name could spell disaster for your Arbitrage campaign...

The one thing you can do after you finish setting up your landing page that could save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Ever wonder why you start a campaign and NOBODY seems to click or buy? This may be the reason and heres how to fix it.

How to test your Google ads without getting your hands slapped by Google if you click on your own ads. Dont worry, this is completely legit and with Googles blessings. You just add one simple line of code on your page...

How To Improve Your Adsense CTR
and Earnings Per Click:

How to make sure that only the most relevant sites appear in your Adsense ads. This is key if you want to keep your visitors happy and those Adsense checks coming in like clockwork...

Finally the answer to how many ads you should really have on your page. Its probably not what you think! (sometimes, less is more).

How to use channels in your Adsense account in order to pinpoint like a nuclear missile where your profits are coming from. Ignore this at your peril...

Why you have to use an alternative URL in your Adsense set up - and why failing to do so could mean lost profits for you - and many more than you think!

Many Adsense publishers like using the big rectangle on their site as they feel it gives them good CTR. But is it REALLY the best option? Read this before you put another big rectangle on your pages!

The mini rectangle trick and how to set this up. This is the ultimate in tracking your Adsense earnings - not to mention that you can see an increase in your Adsense paycheck!

How to make the font of your site match that of your ads - that way your ads wont scream Im an ad! Hint: you may need to play Sherlock Holmes to pull this one off - but it will take less than 60 seconds...

Should you use images next to your ads? Yes, they work but Google doesnt like them. Now what? And you will also learn something even sneakier than images (I havent heard Google complain about this so use it while you still can).

How to manipulate the look of your ads so that they look more like helpful resources and less like ads. No, it has got nothing to do with the color of your borders or your ads. This is a different trick...

What is the one single thing that makes the most money in Adsense - and why almost NOBODY is doing it - which I find criminal. (No, its not about building sites in bulk).

How to Improve Your Adsense Quality Score
And Avoid Smartpricing:

The importance of inbound links in the quality score of your page. Yes, even though you are paying for your traffic, Google still wants to see links!

Why you should avoid building link farms or spam networks of sites. And why you can be already in trouble if you have spammed in the past...

What to do if you where a naughty boy (or girl) in the past and now you want to start anew. Google doesnt like this but you can do it, if you are smart.

What LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is all about and how to implement it on your site within a couple of minutes. Forget the technical mumbo jumbo that just confuse you even more! Things are simple, if you know how...

What corporate info you should have on your site that will increase your Adsense quality score. These should have nothing to do with Adsense - but oddly enough they can increase your earnings!

Have you ever heard of people rank? Everybody just focuses on page rank and they miss the boat. Discover what people rank is all about and how to use it to make more money from Adsense (Hint: Google is playing Big Brother on you and you dont even know it...)

How to add simple videos on your site for free. You dont have to create them and you dont have to host them. You just find the video you like, you copy and paste a tiny piece of code on your page and you are good to go. Your site will look ten times cooler - not to mention that your visitors will spend more time (and money) on your site!

How to properly structure your site (not just your landing page) for Adsense Arbitrage. Yes, this is key and you should know how its done...

Where the money is REALLY made and why nobody is doing this. This is simple and can double, triple or even quadruple your profits - without working harder!

How To Use Email Marketing To
Make Even More Profits:

How to create killer follow up messages that make you money on autopilot. I will open my bag of tricks and share with you some of my best tactics for turning stone-cold suspects into fanatical customers...

How to make your subscribers consume your free reports - so they read the message you have for them. This is a very soft-sell approach to making money...

The sellathon in a box trick that works like gangbusters. Some people think its manipulative but they are wrong. Learn why.

Why its your DUTY to do everything possible to get your prospects money and deliver a great product!

The PS trick that will make your subscribers wait anxiously for your next email...

What you can say in your email to make your subscribers read your previous emails that they may have missed...

How to make your emails look up-to-date - even if you created them months ago!

What to say in your email if you want your subscribers to become your evangelists and spread the word about your site...

How to engage your reader so they become more involved in the whole process (the more involved they become, the more money they spend with you).

Whats the real purpose of your emails? Should you try to sell in your emails? Or do something else?

A great way to promote affiliate products in your emails (no, its not about preselling - this is twice as slick).

The only autoresponder solution I recommend...

How To Get Tons Of Targeted Traffic
With Google Adwords:

Why PPC is one of the best ways to start the promotion of your website. It offers many advantages that you just cant find in other advertising media...

The lethal trap that many free traffic aficionados fall into - and why you need to avoid it at all costs...

How to get traffic to your Adsense page: How to tap into the long tail traffic of black hat and white hat sites that rank High on Google, Yahoo and MSN and steal it for next to nothing!

Why having too many OR too few keywords in your adgroups is a big mistake. Many gurus say that the ultimate is having one keyword per adgroup. Well, good luck trying to make Adwords work with that advice...

How to write Google ads that get clicks. Ad-writing tips that increase the quality score of your ads and get you more traffic at lower prices...

What to do if Google flags some of your ads for inappropriate content. Hint: You can get away with many more things than you think. Make sure you make use of all your legal rights.

73 of the best words and phrases to use in your ads. These are taken directly from my personal swipe file.

How to use symbols to save space and draw more attention to your ads at the same time

Why being original can be he kiss of death when creating your ads (Hint: let others do the heavy lifting)

How to see the ads in the USA, if you live out of the states. This is critical or you wont be able to write the best possible ads.

How to determine which of your competitors ads get the highest CTR. This can save you a lot of time and get you a better CTR right out of the gate

How to use to get ideas for writing better ads.

How to use sex appeal in your ads so you get even more clicks (dont worry - this technique is family friendly)

A sneaky trick for increasing the CTR of your ads - MOST GOOGLE EDITORS DONT EVEN KNOW ITS ALLOWED (and no, it has got nothing to do with dynamic keyword insertion). This one is very cool and works like gangbusters. With your permission, I will expand on this one for a while - its one of my favorites:

How to track the traffic from the content network. Unlike the search network, Google doesnt offer you good tracking with the content network. Basically, you can get tons of junk traffic and tons of top quality traffic. Ill show you how to find where the junk traffic comes from and how to stop paying for it...

The importance of split-testing your ads and why its crucial you do it. This is the most reliable way to get more traffic at lower cost per click...

A kick-ass tool that allows you to put Google Adwords campaign generation on steroids.

How to create a site-targeted campaign on Adwords.

How to set up campaigns that bring 20, 30, 40 or more CTR ON THE CONTENT NETWORK.

A sneaky trick to add content behind your landing page on the fly - without writing a single word.

How To Take Your Business
To the Next Level:

How to use Adsense arbitrage to spy on your competitors, gather market intelligence, see what people like, what sells and what to do if you want to take your business to the next level...

Why surveying your subscribers may NOT be the best way to decide what product to promote. Lets just say that I will give you a lot of food for thought regarding this. Find out how to decide what product to create - there are more reliable ways.

How to use keyword tools to find out what peoples most burning questions are

Why you need to create your product super quickly (2-3 days). Forget about slaving over it for months and months. I will show you how to create a better product faster - and get some initial cash flow going for you

What bodybuilders can teach you about marketing and getting great results from the hours you spend in your business

Winning landing page templates for your Adsense arbitrage. Use these templates as inspiration or even as are to set up your arbitrage campaigns...

How to stop information overload. The problem with most people is not that they dont know what to do. Its that they know too damn much! In the information age we live, people have started developing something called information anxiety - wanting to learn more and more and more - without knowing how to handle the info! Heres how to avoid this pitfall.

My super ebook trick and how to use this to banish information overload, organise information super quickly and

Why ideas by themselves are worthless and what to do if you get more ideas than you can act upon

How To Start When You Have Almost No Money: Bankrupt, Broke and on the Run: Many people have cash-flow issues. This section is dedicated to them. Ill give you several good ideas on how to stop bleeding money and make some quick cash that will help you jump start your business.

How To Overcome Procrastination: Most people know exactly what to do and yet they never do it. The last thing I want to happen is you read the manual and then say that was cool now lets find something else to play with. Banish procrastination once and for all and discover how to make things happen today!

Should you go for many niches or stick to one? There are conflicting opinions on this - but I will tell you what ha worked best for me - and why

And much more that I cant even remember now...

Of course, if youre willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, this system is for you. And its something that will change your life in a big way-- more money, more time, and more happiness.

So.. you want to know what it will cost you to get access to the Instant Adsense Arbitrage?

Well.. for the time being... Ive decided to price it at an incredibly low price...

Imagine... for a change... Making your investment back in less than 24 hours after you start your first campaign...

Its really possible here!
If You Do Nothing... You Get Nothing... Simple As That...

Get access Now..

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