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Why Not Build Your Own Targeted List?
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These strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear fellow internet marketer -

Let me guess! You are HERE reading this web page because you have figured out that the most important thing that you can ever do when building an online business is to create e-mail lists that bring you buyers, not window surfers!

Let me tell you about my first experiences as an internet marketer and the things that I did that were such a mistake when to trying to lure targeted visitors to my site.

One of the most naive yet optimistic things I did was to go to one of those online joints and try to buy 10,000 email addresses for ten dollars.

When that didn't work, I then tried to buy 50,000 emails addresses for seventy bucks - and then onwards and upwards until ...

I was spending 200 bucks a week or more on thousands and thousands of email addresses!

And did I make my investment back in this type of advertising?


In fact, I only made about 1% in sales, and sometimes I would buy entire batches of opt-in mailing list addresses only to find out when I checked my website stats that

I had not made one single sale!

So why didn't this approach to internet marketing work?

Well, it seems that even though I was attracting thousands and thousands of visitors to my site, none of them were exactly interested in what I had to sell - they were just random email addresses.

The result was a bona-fide internet marketing disaster.

At first, I was just thrilled to see the counter on my site start reeling upwards into hundreds and then thousands of visitors - but I was not making any sales!

Then, to add insult to injury, my website host decided that so many people visiting my site were a big burden and began to CHARGE me for the extra bandwidth space that all of these visitors were taking up.

Many very experienced online marketers have learned that lesson the hard way. Many of us have also had it happen when we are buying targeted email lists.

You have probably seen these lists for sale online as well. Instead of selling you bulk email volume and hoping for a hit and miss approach, you get a list of people who are supposedly interested specifically in what you have to sell.

OH! When I first saw these lists online I thought that they were the answer to my prayers. I was so wrong.

Little did I know that I was spending about a hundred bucks a week on STALE addresses.

These email addresses were a little better than the untargeted ones and my sales were slightly higher, but for the most part the problems with these lists were simply that they were bought from successful websites that already had already converted most of the names attached to them into devoted, loyal customers!

That meant that even though I was emailing them with my offers, I was not likely to get any of the people attached to these email addresses as customers unless my deal was especially good or unless the person was extremely disappointed with their current provider.

Many of these addresses would also bounce back. Who knows how old some of them were!

Paying thousands and only making hundreds is no way to live when it comes to internet marketing, and that resulted in my book.

One Month to 1000 List Members
Ask any experienced marketer and they will tell you that the most important thing that you can ever do when you are building ANY kind of online business is to CREATE EMAIL MAILING LISTS.

That is why I wrote an entire book dedicated to the topic. After my own miserable failures when it came to trying to put together a lucrative email opt-in list for my own customers, I realized that there had to be better ways to put these lists together.

The mailing list is essential! It is an absolute must-have item if you are going to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS at the same time.

No matter what kind of online business you are running, it is important to comprehend that there is a vast difference between making money online and building your business.

And in order for a mailing list to work for you it must be completely focused.

For example, many people who decide that they want to earn an income from the internet don't really have a business plan. They are fly by night affiliate marketers or online businesses that try to make money online by featuring paid advertising on a webpage.

Both types of internet marketing result in the marketer concerned making money, but as they do so they are not necessarily being attentive to the idea of building their business at the same time.

At the very heart of the business building concept is the ability to collect information from internet users who can take a specific action to give you permission to send them additional information in the future.

In this case the specific action that you must ask of each and EVERY single visitor to your site is to subscribe to your emailing list.

In fact -

Nobody who visits your site GETS OUT ALIVE until they have given you that email address so you can send them the targeted information that they need so they know to come back and BUY from you again.
This is like asking somebody to make a commitment in the worst way, which is to spend money with you.

In my eBook 1 Month to 1000 Members, I outline several reasons why it is so important for you to build this commitment of the email address between you and the customer.

You will learn -

Why the customer feels committed to you after giving you their email address.
How this is an indication that they are willing to spend money on the internet.
How you can use their initial purchase to give you an indication of how much money they are willing to spend.
How having this kind of list can save hours chasing down new prospects every day.
Are you ready to have your customers commit to buying from you again and again and again?
In Chapter 1, I go through the five essential steps for convincing people to sign up and make that commitment to your business.

In this Chapter you will find out -

What the several essential resources are that you absolutely need to have in place before you begin your list building efforts.
How to create a web page where people can sign up for your list.
Just what is a prospecting list?
Why you need more than one webpage to collect subscribe information.
How to focus the design of your website so it meets your goals when it comes to garnering new list members.
How to add content materials that might help convince visitors to visit your site.
How to interest visitors who belong to a niche market, such as dog owners.
How you can use promotional and advertising materials to appeal to your niche.
How to create that mailing list subscription form.
How to build a back office system that is set up to deal with a list of subscribers.
How to direct your customers right to the page they need to sign up on.
Why you should never use a free site building resource.
Why it is okay to use free blogs to attract email addresses.
Why your site does not have to be that flashy to get visitors.
How to register a domain name.
How to integrate a Word Press theme into a blog to attract niche customers.
How to add content materials to your site.
How to determine quality and value material and why that is essential for the well being of your site.
What is plagiarism and why you should never copy someone else's work.
Why it is best for your articles to be published on as many different pages as possible and not just on one page.
How to create squeeze pages for your site.
Where to find templates to create squeeze pages.
How to write tantalizing short copy for a squeeze page.
What kind of numbers you should use to advertise your site and why round even numbers can make you look like you are lying about your promises.
Important points about creating bullet pointed lists.
Promises that you absolutely must make to your customers regarding privacy, opting out of the list and spamming them.
How to test squeeze pages.
How to upload squeeze pages onto a blog like Word Press.
How to automate as much as your back office as possible.
How to use your auto responder to create subscription forms for your site.
Why personalizing your emails to your customers is an outdated gimmick.
How to come up with a bribe or free gift that you can offer your visitors to encourage them to sign up for you list.
How to create perceived value for a free gift so that your visitors will sign up.
How to create a free eBook that you can give away in, about two hours.
How to construct a phrase that will attract customers to your site.
How to get between 400 and 500 traffic exchange members a week using your squeeze page.
Does this look like information you can use?
One Month to 1000 List Members
Of course none of the above is just "adding water and stir", and presto you have big email list. It takes a bit of elbow grease to push prospects to become customers.

In the Chapter "Push Prospects to Become Customers", I discuss -

How exactly to turn them into a customer.
How to give them additional information to augment the information that you used to draw them to your website in the first place.
How to really target that information so you know that you are answering the questions that they will be surfing for on the internet.
How to fulfill all of their needs using information.
How to turn a small handful of prospects into many.
Why constantly making your product into a new and improved one is a bad idea!
How to mine a mile deep and an inch wide by sending out numerous emails about just one product.
Why it is a cardinal sin to be boring in your emails.
How to build trust and intimacy with your customers so they will buy from you again and again.
Are you ready to get creative with your business?
They say there is more than one way to skin a cat, and that is certainly true of online marketing.

In this book I AM presenting you with a formula. It DOES teach you how to build a content rich site with a list subscription form on every page, how to use squeeze pages and how to give away bribes to encourage sign ups. I also teach you how to build your list using a highly effective autoresponder.

Still sometimes you need to deviate from the formula to begin to multiply your profits - to enable your business to grow.

Getting creative with your business means using what you have to get further. It is all part of leveraging your business.

In order to leverage your business what you really need to do is to leverage off the time and effort of others, if you want to really be able to hit your target.

One Month to 1000 List Members
In the chapter "To get 1000 members, you've got to get creative", I teach you such creative, business growing tricks as -

How to think a little more laterally than you have been in order to make better profits.
How to delegate tasks and outsource them so you are not overwhelmed.
How to turn existing list members into buyers by presenting them with a free gift.
How to get your subscribers recruiting new prospects for you.
How to get subscriber info from your ClickBank Thank You Page.
Using free scripts and programs that produce tell friend forms.
How to install development codes for eBooks.
How to use joint ventures to expand your list.
How to use ClickBank to find new customers.
How to orchestrate a joint venture giveaway event!
And much more!

I promise you that I tried to make this book the simplest, clearest yet most definitive and concise contemporary book on putting together an opt-in list that I could.

None of this work is difficult, and there is no reason why you can't achieve your 100 list members objective.

Yes. I want to build a mailing list and reach my objective of
One Month to 1000 List Members
If you follow the formula for success that was developed by me, you will start earning money very quickly!

The system for creating an email list that I have invented is self-sustaining and improves with effort. The more effort you invest and leverage the more you will make!

My methods are fool proof. You can build a business empire using them that can viably and realistically ring in thousands of dollars a month using very little startup capital.

Yet another quality of my methods is that they are self sufficient. You do not have to monitor and babysit it day and night. It runs itself on autopilot.

Are you ready to get practical? Are you ready to take your financial and career problems in hand and do something about it?

You Won't Find a Better eBook or BOOK
About How to Build A Successful Emailing List
The Information in the eBook is simple, contemporary and focuses you like a laser beam solely on those techniques that will work to make you money.
It's time to get in the know like thousands of other satisfied and successful marketers, and order my eBook!

There are no shipping costs as the entire package is an instant download.

Your cost is only $ .....

Thank you for considering this sales pitch.

It is my sincere hope that you get as enthusiastic as I am about showing those self-styled gurus how it is really done.

This user friendly manual has proven itself again and again. It's time for you to get in on the action.

After you order you will get instant access to my eBook. It's automatic!

There is no wait for shipping and you can get the information that you need seconds from now.

I invite you to download my eBook right now.

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