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The Best Software Package On The Net !!

How would you like to make a very nice income working from home?

Keep reading to discover how easy an inexpensive it can be to get started, and have a full time, 24 hour business that runs on auto pilot!

This collection of top selling software (no e-books) will allow you to hit the ground running.

Do you want to earn a full time income working from home? Or maybe you just want to make some extra money in addition to your current income. In either case youve come to the right place!

Imagine owning an automated turnkey online business that earns you money 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year, without you even lifting a finger.

Sound impossible? Well, it isnt if you have the right products, and tools to sell those products.

Its no secret that ordinary people are making thousands of dollars every month working from home, running simple websites that require almost no work or expenses.

The internet offers the quickest and easiest way to make a fortune. If you have what people want to buy and know how to promote it to your customers, then you will succeed! Contrary to what most people believe, you dont have to be a genius or have any special skills in order to make money on the internet. Anyone can make money online, including you!

Running a successful online business does not require you to:

spend countless hours every day working on it

have any technical knowledge about the internet or computers

* invest a lot of money (you can even do it completely free)

It doesnt matter how old you are, where you are from or what your education level is. No experience of any kind is necessary. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

There are currently thousands of websites that promise to make you a millionaire with little or no work required from your part. And almost all of them, with a few rare exceptions, do not work. They just take your money and give you a lot of worthless information that is completely useless to you. You may have even tried some of those get rich quick schemes yourself, and ended up losing money instead of making them.

If you have the right products to sell and the knowledge required to sell them, then you will make money online, guaranteed! But 99 of people who try to make an income online fail, because they are missing one or both of those things.

By the time youve finished reading this page youll know everything you need to know about starting your own automated, highly profitable online business quickly and easily.

What is Ultimate Reseller Package?

Ultimate Reseller Package is a first class collection of quality software complete with full master resell rights. All the products included in the package are bestselling titles that currently sell thousands of copies every day.

The software contained in the package have been distributed by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs, that are currently earning thousands of dollars every month from their online businesses.

But thats not all. The Ultimate Reseller Package itself, and all the products contained in it, come with master resell rights. This means that you can sell the products yourself and keep 100 of the profits, and you can pass the resell rights on to your customers as well.

All the individual products contained inside the package come with professionally designed sales websites, so you can start selling them immediately. All you have to do is add your order link at the bottom of the sales pages!

You can sell the individual software contained within the package separately, together, or you can even repackage them.

In just a few minutes you could be selling the Ultimate-Reseller-Package and the individual products contained in it, and keeping 100 of the profits! If you are interested, keep reading!

How to start your own high-profit website in five easy steps:
Step 1: Find a product to sell.
Ultimate-Reseller-Package provides you with 71 + high-quality bestselling products that are currently in high-demand, and also teaches you how to create your own profitable information products starting from scratch.
Step 2: Design your sales pages.
Ultimate-Reseller-Package and all the individual products contained in it come with professionally designed sales websites. All you have to do is add your order link at the bottom of each sales page.
Step 3: Setup credit card processing on your website.
Accepting credit cards online is neither complicated or expensive. Many companies allow you accept credit cards on your website, and in exchange they deduct a small amount from each sale to cover their fees. PayPal is probably the most commonly used for buyers and sellers.
Step 4: Selecting a Domain Name and Web hosting Company.
Finding a Web Host is easy. There are many to choose from. Just make sure that choose one with at least 2000 megabytes of storage for you so you can continue to add more products to your store in the future. Also when selecting a domain name try to pick one that is appropriate to what you are selling. See more information on setting all of the above up here.
Step 5: Your Ready, Start Promoting Watch the orders come in!
Receive an automatic email notification from your credit card processing company every time you make a sale!

As you can see for yourself, we have already completed most of these steps for you. It would literally take you months to create just a single product and a single website to sell that product with. But now you dont have to waste your time and money creating products and websites that may end up failing because of their low quality and value.

You will be provided with 71 top-selling, high quality products and sales websites so you can begin making money immediately!

Ultimate Reseller Package is not only the most complete package available on the internet, its also the best. All the products included in the package have been carefully selected and are of the highest value and quality.

All the software listed below are included
in the Ultimate Reseller Package!
They all come with Master Resale Rights & Professionally Designed Sales Websites!

Super Six PHP
Grab Six Super PHP Scripts That Will Create More Impact On Your Web Site And Put More Profits In The Bank!

Retail Price: $67.00

Fly in Ads Creator
A Simple, Beautiful, Effective, Sales
Magnet That Grabs Your Visitors Pleasant Attention and Demands

Retail Price: $27.00
Ezine Filter and Format
New Software Instantly Formats Your Ezine AND Filters Out
The Words That The Spam Filters Are Looking For.

Retail Price: $17.00

JV Firesale Automator
Finally.... An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Joint Ventures On Autopilot ...And makes you lots of money as you team up with your Joint Venture Partners.

Retail Price: $197.00
Squeeze Page Generator

Retail Price: $37.00

Ad Tracking Pro with Master Resell Rights

Ad Tracking Pro
Ad Tracker Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Profit & Time, Increase Sales & Ad Responses, And Grow Your Business For You Exponentially!

Retail Price: $197.00
CB Ads Genie
Thanks to this powerhouse PHP driven script you can now effortlessly promote any of the 6000+ products available in the ClickBank Database.

Retail Price: $47.00

CB Ads Genie with Master Resell Rights
Impact Popup with Master Resell Rights

Impact Popup Creator
Grab Your Visitors By The Eyeballs, Explode Your Profits, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See Your Message With The Latest Profit Producing Technology ... Impact PopUps!

Retail Price: $37.00
Page Brand Generator
Now You and Your Affiliates Can Brand Whole Pages Instantly At The Click of a Button. Its Never Been Easier to Make It Dead Easy For Affiliates To Promote Your Products!

Retail Price: $27.00

Page Brand Generator with Master Resell Rights
Membership Site Manager with Master Resell Rights

Membership Site Manager
Now you can generate recurring income month after month with a membership sitewithout paying thousands for a management script!. Incredible New Software Lets You Run A Money-Making Membership Site, On 100 Autopilot!

Retail Price: $147.00
Google Sitemap Maker
Here, for the very first time ever, is an incredible piece of software that RUNS ON YOUR PCS DESKTOP and makes Google site maps for you! It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or pro site developerwith Google Site Map Maker youll be able to produce your own Google site maps anytime you need them.

Retail Price: $47.00

Google Sitemap Maker with Master Resell Rights
Quick Pay Pro with Master Resell Rights

Quick Pay Pro
An ordering system that immediately allows you to plug in an unlimited number of products, process credit cards in real-time, and digitally ship e-books, software or info products in seconds

Retail Price: $97.00
Project Analysis Toolkit
The Project Analysis ToolKit is an all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly determine the profit potential, break-even analysis, projected income or loss, and start up costs of almost any project you are considering.

Retail Price: $19.95

Project Analysis with Master Resell Rights
eBook Cover Creator with Master Resell Rights

Instant e-Book Cover Creator
With Instant Cover Creator - you can instantly make dozens of covers in a fraction of the time that it would take for you to send an email to your old graphics designer. By the designer that you hired ever received your email you could have created the perfect cover to help sell your next product.

Retail Price: $19.99
Reply E-Mail Automator
Reply E-mail Automator cut my daily E-mail processing and responding time from 2 hours to only 7 minutes per day! Reply E-mail Automator types an E-mail response that used to take you 5 minutes in less than 3 seconds!

Retail Price: $19.95

Reply e-Mail Automator with Master Resell Rights
Free Advertising System with Master Resell Rights

Free Advertising System
Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet, the Free Advertising System is the ONLY tool you need to generate REAL success online.

Retail Price: $9.97

Webcam Watcher
Webcam Watcher software features all these great features:
Automatically downloads webcam images!
Can watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously!
Can save any new pictures automatically!
Click on a webcams thumbnail image to see it full size!
Zoom in and out on webcam images!

Retail Price: $17.00

Webcam Watcher with Master Resell Rights
Blog Link Generator with Master Resell Rights

Blog Link Generator
Imagine Thousands Of Links Back To Your Web Site From Other Peoples Blogs Starting Today! Blog Link Generator is so easy to use, its like having your very own money machine!

Retail Price: $97.00
Advertising Wizard
Advertising Wizard is a very easy to use program that will help you make text ads and banner ads that also have your mouseovers and a text link under the banner.

Retail Price: $14.95

Advertising Wizard with Master Resell Rights
Blog Ping Automator with Master Resell Rights

Blog and Ping Automator
Previously Undisclosed Method for Blogging and Pinging Will Work For Anyone Wanting an Internet Presence--Quickly and Easily

Retail Price: $47.00
Float in Window Generator
Instantly Boosts Your Sales, Opt In Email List, And Conversion Rates By Up To 224 By Adding Float-In Window Technology To Your Websites!

Retail Price: $47.00

Float in Window Generator with Master Resell Rights
Forum Master Pro with Master Resell Rights

Forum Master Pro
If you have ever tried a grassroots campaign to market your website, product or service through online message boards, you know that it can be a great way to generate traffic and sales. There are lots of benefits: its free, you are communicating directly with your potential customers, and it creates hundreds of sites that are linking to you, which then show up in search engines as well.

Retail Price: $24.99
eBook Boost
Discover The ONE TOOL That Will Automatically Grow Your Business With Your Free e-Books How to EXPLODE Your e-Book Downloads By As Much As 3200 In Less Than 30 SECONDS Of Actual Work... Bonus Optin Boost inlcuded.

Retail Price: $19.99

eBook Boost with Master Resell Rights
Content Scrubber with Master Resell Rights

Content Scrubber
Content Scrubber is a simple to use desktop application that allows you test your messages for words and phrases that might trigger the spam filters, before you send it out.

Retail Price: $19.97
Magic Subscriber
Magic Subscriber reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. It automatically captures your visitors email addresses without them having to fill out a form! This makes it much easier for you to generate targeted traffic and sales.

Retail Price: $29.97

Magic Subscriber with Master Resell Rights
Click Magnet with Master Resell Rights

Click Magnet
With the Click Magnet software you will be able to place unobtrusive ads on you website with ease. And your Click Magnet ad stays with your visitor as they scroll down the page, keeping your offer there at all times. Plus Click Magnet makes it easy to make and customize your ad .

Retail Price: $47.00
Webmasters Tools III
Webmaster Tools III- Black Label Edition is a suite of JavaScript Wizards that will help create Eye-Popping pages with the simplicity of copy and paste. Just enter the variables and the wizards will write the scripts FOR you.

Retail Price: $9.97

Webmaster Tools with Master Resell Rights
Name Brand Syndicator with Master Resell Rights

Name Branding Syndicator
Simple to use software instantly lets you start to personally name brand yourself worldwide...

Retail Price: $19.97
RSS Announcer
RSS Announcer instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet.

Retail Price: $97.00

RSS Announcer with Master Resell Rights
Spinning Popup Generator with Master Resell Rights

Spinning Popup Generator
Now you can feature an amazing, new, breakthrough type of DHTML popup that actually comes out of nowhere from your web page and spins its way into view over the page!

Retail Price: $27.00
Vend-O-Matic! Automatically Build Profit Generating Web Vending Pages. Vend-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create stunning, ready-to-run web vending pages for any product. In less than a minute, you can create professional looking pages like this one.

Retail Price: $29.99

Vend-O-Matic with Master Resell Rights

Free List Pro
Who else wants a Subscriber List of 1,398,080? Unleash the Power of FreeListPro!

Retail Price: $29.95
Link Check Generator
Secret Software Tool Lets Any Average Joe Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Competition!
Start using it in the next 5 minutes and you will be undeniably HOOKED FOR LIFE!

Retail Price: $47.00

Link Check Generator with Master Resell Rights
Misspelled Keyword Generator with Master Resell Rights

Missspelled Keyword Generator
Missspelled Keyword Generator will allow you to enter any keyword or phrase (spelled correctly :-) and then press the Find Misspellings Button.

Retail Price: $27.00
Reciprocal Link Monitor
Awesome NEW Software Allows You To Verify That Your Link Trading Partners Keep Their End Of The Bargain!

Retail Price: $19.97

Reciprocal Link Monitor with Master Resell Rights
Paypal Paylock Generator with Master Resell Rights

Paylock Generator
Amazing easy-to-use software instantly generates secure PayPal buttons on the fly, right from your desktop! Encrypt your PayPal buttons in a single click eliminating digital theft and protect your profits!

Retail Price: $19.95
Pure Profit Software
Each product included in this package offers a specific benefit that can help you and your customers save time, money, and headaches, while increasing online profitability.

Retail Price: $20.00

Pure Profit Software Bundle with Master Resell Rights
Autoresponder Unlimited with Master Resale Rights

Autoresponder Unlimited
Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners because it has the same powerful features of other autoresponder services and software but without all the cost!

Retail Price: $47.00
Ezine Ad Formatter
Easily and instantly format your ezine ads to fit any publishers character length specifics, saving time and frustration. You will no longer have to worry about your ezine ad format, counting each and every character on each and every line. The software literally does the formatting for you.

Retail Price: $39.95

Ezine Ad Formatter with Master Resale Rights
100 PDF Templates with Master Resale Rights

100 PDF Templates
100 Instant PDF Templates! Just Add Your Text and, hey-presto, stunning looking PDFs without the hassle!

Retail Price: $19.99
100 Profit Pulling Kit Gives Everyone The Power To Create Niche Websites.

Retail Price: $67.00

Scripts to Sell with Master Resale Rights
Traffic Boost Scripts with Master Resale Rights

Traffic Boost
10 PHP WebScripts to Bring Traffic To Your Website.

Retail Price: $19.95
Ultimate Ad Tracker 2.1
With the Ultimate Ad Tracker package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links! Track your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more!

Retail Price: $25.00

Instant Web Quiz Generator with Master Resale Rights

Instant Web Quiz Generator
Create Quizzes In Minutes Your Visitors Will LOVE ...
The software Ive created is called the Instant Web Quiz Generator. All you need to do is type in your questions and answers, press the Generate Code button, and in around two seconds (literally) your code is created so that you can add the quiz to your website.

Retail Price: $19.95
Digital Order Guard
Digital Order Guard protects your digital product download and order pages from unsavory visitors that steal your products ... right under your nose! And you dont even know it!

Retail Price: $27.00

Digital Order Guard with Master Resale Rights
Download Page Protector with Master Resale Rights

Download Page Protector
E-book And Software Sellers ... Discover The Quick And Easy Way To Protect YOUR Products From Internet Thieves. Brand New Software Will Security Lock Your Download Pages In 2 Seconds Flat.

Retail Price: $27.00
Easy Resell Plus
Easy Resell Plus is a new, easy to use software tool which will automate your online business. You will save time and effort, and avoid making mistakes which could cost you valuable sales.

Retail Price: $14.95

Easy Resell Plus with Master Resale Rights
HTML Code Guard with Master Resale Rights

HTML Code Guard
HTML Code Guard is a software program that will protect your page by encrypting the HTML code and cloak your links so that the text you choose will be displayed in the Status Bar. Its simple to use, but its results are far reaching.

Retail Price: $19.97
Website Audio Player Pro
How To Make Your WEB SITE TALK Without Spending an Arm and a Leg.

Retail Price: $47.00

Website Audio Player with Master Resale Rights
Website Error Protector with Master Resale Rights

Website Error Corrector
Will catch your websites Page Not Found, 404 error, and show a custom page to the user.

Retail Price: $9.97
Bookmark Rewards System
Stupidly Simple Script, Makes Your Customers Line Up To
Bookmark Your Site and Join Your List
Retail Price: $9.97

Bookmark Rewards System with Master Resale Rights
Easy Archive Maker

Easy Archive Maker
Attract More Subscribers, Generate More Sales And Increase Your Search Engine Ranking By Instantly Turning Your Newsletter Articles Into A Permanent Online Archive ... All With Just A Few Mouse Clicks

Retail Price: $19.99
Article Page Machine
Turn Any Text Article Into A Search Engine Friendly Web Page In Seconds! NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED

Retail Price: $34.97

Article Page Machine
Article Submitter Software

Article Submitter
Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission...
...and it all happens practically on autopilot!

Retail Price: $54.97
SqueezePage Generator
EXTRA! EXTRA!: Amazing New Generation Technology Increase Your Websites Profits And Adds Thousands To Your List With Just 4 Clicks!

Retail Price: $34.97

Squeeze Page Generator with Resell Rights
The Affiliate Marketers Toolkit

Affiliate Marketers Toolkit
This incredible tool is actually 3 tools in one, and theyre the quickest and easiest way to affiliate market. Inside this magnificent tool is absolutely everything you need to start increasing your click rate and raking in the big bucks!

Retail Price: $77.00
Popup Generator
Add pop-ups (or pop-unders) to your web-site in just minutes! Control how often the pop-up appears, its size, its position on the screen and more. So easy a child could use it.

Retail Price: $35.00

Popup Generator with Master Resale Rights

Favicon Creator
With the new Favicon Creator software, you can instantly and easily create both favicon and program icon graphics. Theres absolutely nothing to it!

Retail Price: $14.95
Checker Check Printing Software
Frustrated By The High Cost of Accepting Credit Cards?
Now You Can Accept CHECKS Online,
by Fax, Phone and Email!

Retail Price: $19.97

Download Meter with Master Resale Rights

Download Meter
Download Meter is a great script that serves 3 purposes. First, it counts how many times a file has been downloaded. Then, it tracks the location that the download request came from. Finally, it allows you to show a Download Starting.... page like youd see on many popular download sites. The script is simple to install and easy to use.

Retail Price: $19.95
Link Switchboard
Link Switchboard will allow you to add links to your website that when clicked, will rotate the traffic to various web addresses. The software is EASY to use and setup.

Retail Price: $9.95

Link Switchboard with Master Resale Rights
Niche Modulator with Master Resale Rights

Niche Modulator
Increase your order conversions and sign ups to your newsletter by up to 400 with the Ultimate Niche Marketers Power Script.

Retail Price: $47.00
Banner Buddy
With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into clickable links to your web site. Hide affiliate links while visitors do mouseovers. Also creates text under the banner. Easily creates text links as well.

Retail Price: $9.95

Banner Buddy with Master Resale Rights
Page Language Translator with Master Resale Rights

Page Translator
Translate your webpages into many different languages, instantly.

Retail Price: $14.95
Submit a Link
Submit-a-link gives you the ability to offer Instant Links on your site. Your ads appear above and below the links. They also appear on the Submit page. You only need to edit one file and upload! Very easy to use.

Retail Price: $9.97

Submit a Link Software with Master Resale Rights
Website HitchHiker with Master Resale Rights

Website HitchHiker
Website HitchHiker is an easy to use JavaScript browser that attaches itself to your webpages. Visitors to your site can EASILY bookmark, print pages, search, and more.

Retail Price: $9.97
e-Book Creator
Are you ready to make serious money online? In this package you will get information on how to write your first e-book, how to market and sell it. And you will also learn how to increase your sales!

Retail Price: $24.95

eBook Creator with Master Resale Rights
Drop Down Menu Wizard with Master Resale Rights

Drop Down Wizard
Easily create drop down menus! Unbelievable and super easy to use software makes creating drop down menus a breeze! Create drop down menus that perfectly match your website!

Retail Price: $19.95
Start Page Robot
With Start Page Robot, you can enter an UNLIMITED amount of start pages, limit the number of times a particular page is opened, open pages randomly, upload lists of start pages, and more!

Retail Price: $9.95

Start Page Robot with Master Resale Rights

Perpetual Traffic Generator
The perpetual traffic generator can automatically send 800 or more visitors to your website in an hour without you lifting a finger, guaranteed!

Retail Price: $37.00
Blog In A Box
Even if you havent ever heard the word blog before, this toolkit makes it completely possible for you to not only create one easily, but to even earn money from it without the need to sell anything at all!

Retail Price: $39.95

Screen Shoot It with Master Resell Rights

Screen Shoot It
Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture screenshots from your computer.

Retail Price: $9.97
Picture Gallery Maker
Will easily make Picture Gallery WebPages for your site with the simple wizard interface! Use it to display a group of photos on the web! Now with optional thumbnail graphic images.

Retail Price: $19.95

Picture Galery Maker with Master Resell Rights
Secret Copywriter with Master Resale Rights

Secret Copywriter
Finally, Breakthrough Software That Will Help You Protect Your Valuable COPYRIGHTED Images...AND MORE!

Retail Price: $9.95
System Cleaner for PCs
System Cleaner is specifically designed to protect you! Unknown to many, the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer maintain files and registry settings related to ALL of your online and offline activity.

Retail Price: $19.95

Plus 5 other bonuses! The old reliable sellers, from the Instant series!

Not Convinced? How about these.......

Super Special Free Bonuses

Instant Booster Blog Blaster Feed Blaster
Powerful trio of programs to blast youre prodcuts all over the internet via advertising feeds, ezines, blogs, FFA Networks, and more. This package retails alone for $149.98

Note: These three bonus programs are NOT for resale, they are fantastic tools to help you promote all of the above products.

Plus a Few More Surprises!

You get Master Resale Rights and Professionally Designed
Sales Websites for ALL the products listed above!

Ways you can use Ultimate Reseller Package:

Sell the individual products contained in Ultimate Reseller Package, using the professionally designed sales websites provided for each product. You can even start your own internet bookstore!

Create your own packages by combining the products included in Ultimate Reseller Package.

Plus anything else you can think of - the possibilities are endless!

When you order Ultimate Reseller Package you get:

71 Best Selling software products worth over $2200.

Master Resale Rights for the main package itself, and all the individual titles contained in it.

Professionally Designed Sales Websites for all the individual titles, as well as the main Ultimate Reseller Package.

As you can see for yourself, Ultimate Reseller Package is the most complete collection of software with Master Resell Rights available anywhere!

It is one of the best home based business opportunities on the internet and can be used by anyone, even if they have no previous experience.

If you are serious about making money online then dont waste any more time. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!

Instant Access!

You will be able to download Ultimate Reseller Package instantly, after you place your order. The main program is approximately 1mb in size and takes less than 5 minutes to download on a 56k modem. From within the program you can download all the individual products separately, any time you wish. Please note that Ultimate Reseller Package requires Windows 95 or higher. It is not compatible with Mac.
How much is this going to cost you?

The software contained inside this package could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. And thats without counting the master resale rights and professionally designed sales websites that come with each product. In fact, if you were to buy all the products contained in Ultimate-Reseller-Package separately, it would cost you over $2200.

But we have priced Ultimate Reseller Package extremely low, so that anyone can afford it!

This Package is easily worth $1000.00 wholesale.

Ultimate Reseller Package costs only $16.35

Thats Right, less than $.30 per title! There is no place on the internet for a deal like this one!

The money youll earn as a result of using and selling these great products can very easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your small investment.

You really cant afford not to invest in Ultimate Reseller Package! Its very easy to get started right away. Place your order now and get immediate access!

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