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Congratulations! You've made a great decision, and you're well on your way toward automating your business. You're just moments away from downloading the Push Button Marketer package, but before you continue I want to take a moment to give you...

A One Time Opportunity to Put Your Online Business into HyperDrive with Our TOTAL AUTOMATION PACKAGE!

This is our way of saying "Thank You"...

We appreciate that you've invested in our program, and as a valued customer we're giving you this ONE time opportunity to get your hands on EIGHTEEN of the best "Instant Automators" that we've ever built, PLUS an entire collection of additional tools and materials to help automate your business!

We know you've already realized the value of Push Button Marketer and the Macro Marketer software, and you understand the return on investment that it can bring to your business.

Just think... now you can MULTIPLY the power of your Macro Marketer software by implementing these 18 turn-key Instant Automators for your business.
Software collection

We will NEVER be making this page available to the public. It is ONLY available to customers of Push Button Marketer, and the offer on this page is ONLY valid during this one time offer.


Dear Friend,

If you read the previous sales page before ordering Push Button Marketer, then I will assume that you already understand the importance of automating your business.

So I'm not going to take the time to "sell" you on it again.

You ALREADY have decided that you want to...

# Automate tedious tasks
# Increase your productivity and get more done
# Save time and create more free time for yourself
# Streamline your business

What I'm going to show you on this page is simply going to INCREASE and SPEED UP your ability to do all of the above.

Getting this Total Automation Package is the equivalent of adding a few Ferrari engines to your Push Button Marketer package. It's really going to rev up and super-charge your automation and your profits!

We're including SIX ADDITIONAL modules to take your business to the next level...

PushButton MODULE #1: Premium Instant Automators

These Automators (or "macros", as the geeks like to call them), are what enable the Macro Marketer software to do the things you want it to do for you.

As we mentioned before, you can create your own macros to do anything you want the software to do.

But wouldn't be easier if WE built the macros for you and all you had to do was push a button?

Don't worry, we did include 21 of them in your Push Button Marketer package already, including a few SUPER HOT ones like the Instant Product Review Automator.

But the additional 18 Instant Automators here on this page are ALL super hot. They really are the cream of the crop.

We've spent extra time developing them, so we decided to reserve them for our customers who really want to get an edge and go the extra mile by implementing our most powerful techniques.

Here's what you can look forward to receiving in this Module of the Total Automation Package:

1) Instant Article/Blog Post Automator

This macro will enable you to write a "how to" article in under a minute, and it will contain UNIQUE content. You can create an unlimited number of articles on various topics. You can submit the articles to article directories, post them on your website, post them on your blog, etc.

How much would it be worth it to you to be able to write INSTANT articles on demand? With this Automator you will be able to!

2) Instant Ebook Automator

This macro will enable you to create an entire ebook in a few minutes. You can create ebooks for any niche topic, simply by filling in some small bits of information that the software will requst from you. It will also integrate product promotions (your product, or your affiliate links) into the ebook. It will then generate the ebook as a PDF file and Doc source file.

Just think... Now you can create ebooks on demand, and sell them or give them away to build your list!

3) Instant Email Autoresponder Series

This macro enables you to create an entire autoresponder series of emails within a few minutes. You can do it for any niche. After you input a few things, it will go to work and create a series of 12 emails for you to load into your autoresponder. They are designed to build a relationship with your list, while also promoting products of your choice. You can create as many series for as many niches as you want.

Imagine being able to automate your entire followup process. This Automator does the hard part for you (the writing), and then your autoresponder will do the rest!

4) Backups Automator

Backups are important, wouldn't you agree? And wouldn't it be nice to be able to take care of your backups with one click? This macro will download a full backup of any or all of your Cpanel websites with one click. You can even schedule it to run automatically at a set time.

But wait! It can also back up your PC, or important files of your choice. You can use this backup macro to backup from your PC to a secondary hard drive, or to an external hard drive, or even to a backup folder on your website.

Think about the peace of mind you will have, knowing that your business is backed up.

5) Facebook Automator

Do you waste-- er uh--- I mean, spend a lot of time on Facebook? This macro can help you put your social networking on autopilot by scheduling your facebook status updates, and more.

6) Language Translation Automator

Do you work in multiple languages? OR... would you like to multiply your current efforts by exploiting the global marketplace outside of the English-speaking market?

This is a very nifty macro that enables you to instantly swap highlighted text with an alternate language. You can also use it to simultaneously translate text into multiple languages. Get ready for some multi-lingual marketing!

7) PDF Creation Automator

As you know, PDF's are one of the main formats of documents used to share information these days. This handy tool allows you to quickly create PDF's and even convert an entire batch of files (within a folder) into PDF files.

8) SMS Mass Text Messaging

OK this one is a bit different. Using this macro, you can send mass text messages to an entire list of people... right from your computer!

Whether you use this for marketing or for your social life, it could be a great way to reach more people and get their attention.

9) Social Bookmarking Submitter

Social bookmarking sites are one of the great inventions of the Web 2.0 era. They're a great way to get traffic too. The problem is that it takes time to submit your pages to them, so most of us avoid it.

This macro enables you to submit a page for inclusion on a social bookmarking site with one click. We've included Digg in the macro, and you can add other sites that you want to use.

Think about the extra traffic you could get if all your pages were submitted to the social bookmarking sites!

10) Search Engine URL Submitter

This one is simple... not much explanation needed. You click a button and submit a URL to multiple search engines all at once.

11) Twitter Automator

Ah the joys of twitter. It's fun. It's addictive. It's annoying. All at the same time. But what if you want to use twitter as a marketing tool, but you don't want to be burdened by constantly twittering to keep your audience attentive.

This macro enables you to pre-schedule up to 500 updates, so it will look like you're busy twittering... even if you're not. And of course you can jump in with your own twitter of the moment any time. So go ahead... tweet away!

12) Website Monitoring Automator

If you're an Internet marketer, your business most likely depends on your website. And if your website is down, it isn't making any money. Worse, if you're sending traffic to those pages (like PPC) you could be LOSING a lot of money if your site is down even for a short time.

This macro enables you to use Macro Marketer monitor your websites. It can then notify you of the status or outages via email, or even call you on the phone if the site is down!

Once again, it's about peace of mind... and that's priceless.

13) Image Resize/Graphic Manipulation

If you are someone who deals with a lot of graphics, particularly web graphics, you'll recognize the value of this Automator.

I find that I am frequently resizing graphics for my websites, or changing the graphics in various ways. This set of macros takes what would normally be a pain in the rear, and turns it into a painless process :-)

14) Download Manager

Do you download something on a regular basis? For example, are you a member of a membership site of any kind?

Or perhaps you download sales data, reports, or something else from the web. You can use this macro to download it for you without you having to navigate to the download page, click the links, etc.

15) Email/Customer Support Automator

When I did a survey of the readers of my newsletter recently, 98 of the participants said they spend time on email regularly. Of course that's no surprise; we all use email. The majority of those people also said they wished they could somehow automate their email.

This macro enables you to semi-automate your email and customer service. Most likely, you may be able to cut down on the time you spend on email by 50 or more. It even has the capability of giving automated intelligent replies to emails.

Would you like to spend LESS TIME ON EMAIL? I think that one's a no-brainer ;-)

16) Instant FTP

This one is pretty simple. It automates some FTP tasks (transferring files to the web from your PC or vice versa). You can tell it to automatically synchronize a certain folder at a set time, etc.

17) One Stop Social Networking

If you're into the social networking scene, you'll really appreciate this one. It's not too difficult to log into one social site and post an update, but what if you have your profile on multiple social networks (ie. Myspace, facebook, etc)?

It can be a real pain and a major time-sucker to have to log into ALL your social sites and tell people what's going on in your life. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just post it ONE time and it would update all your social networks?

That's what this macro is all about :-)

18) Keyword Research Automator

As Internet marketers, most of us find ourselves doing keyword research from time to time. It's necessary for SEO, niche marketing, PPC, etc. And if you're a PPC marketer, you're always doing keyword research (or at least you should be doing it).

By using this macro, you can enter a keyword and then let the software do the dirty work for you. It can go out and pull data from various sites, and give you what you need... on demand!

As you may have noticed, any ONE of the above Automation sets would be well worth the price of this entire package, and you get them ALL!

PushButton MODULE #2: Premium Automation Videos

With these 6 Premium Automation Videos, you'll be doubling the size of the Automation Video library from your Push Button Marketer collection.

6 Videos

And once again, we've reserved the cream of the crop--the absolute best of the Automation Videos--for this Total Automation Package.

You won't want to miss out on the hot techniques we've covered in these videos...

Video #1: How to Automate Your Email in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

Video #2: How to Automate All of Your CPanel Backups

Video #3: How to Schedule 500 Updates to Twitter (or Facebook, etc)

Video #4: Language Translation Macros in Action and their usefulness in PPC

Video #5: Using Macro Marketer To Make Unlimited Website Templates

Video #6: Automating Statistics/Accounting demo

These videos will show you exactly HOW to automate your business using the tools in this collection.

PushButton MODULE #3: More Automation Software

You've already invested in our amazing Macro Marketer software, and that's good, because we haven't found ANYTHING else that works as well as it.

But we did come up with a few other programs that you might like to add to your automation arsenal.

Here are the three additional software programs that you'll be receiving in this Total Automation Package today...

Software #1 and Software #2: Sales Copy Automators

These software programs dramatically cut down on the time it takes to write sales copy. When I conducted my survey recently, I discovered that writing was one of the tasks that many marketers consider to be the most time consuming and most tedious. So I wanted to throw in these extra programs to help with that area of your business.

Why two? I was able to secure rights to both of them, so I figured why not throw them both in? They're different from each other. One is more of a "point and click" to select various prewritten sections of text (it comes with thousands of variables built in). The other asks you a bunch of questions about your niche and then formulates the information into a compelling sales letter.

Software #3: An Article Distribution Automator

I figured this one would be a good fit, since we're including an Instant Article-writing macro within this package. This software enables you to plug an article into it, and submit it to dozens or even hundreds of article submission sites.

This will also help you implement some of the included Cash Plans that you're about to discover...

PushButton MODULE #4: Automatic Cash Plans

Not only do we want to help you automate your business; we also want to help make sure it's PROFITABLE.

So we've included 4 Automatic Cash Plans that can be easily implemented to make money online. And these aren't just some randomly selected courses... we specifically chose them because they can be used in conjunction with your Macro Marketer software, and the Instant Automators included in this package.

Here are the 4 Cash Plans that we're including for you today...

Cash Plan #1: 30 Day BUM Marketing Blueprint + Bonus Software

BUM Marketing is a method of article marketing, where you make money as an affiliate by submitting articles to various online directories. This Cash Plan (PDF ebook) includes a complete blueprint of how to do it, plus a bonus software program to help you stay on track. Oh, and it's called BUM because it's 100 free! Even a bum could do it.

You can use our Macro Marketer software, and the included Instant Article Macro to automate the process of article writing. Additionally, the Article Distribution software from Module #3 will work great with this method.

Cash Plan #2: Using EzineArticles to Pour Cash into Your Wallet

This Cash Plan outlines a method similar to BUM Marketing, but the primary difference is that this one focuses exclusively on EzineArticles, which is the most popular online article site.

It also goes into more detail about using these free methods to drive traffic to your own products, and to build your list (whereas the BUM method focuses on affiliate marketing).

Cash Plan #3: The Stealth Marketing Tactic

Since this Cash Plan is so "stealth", I'll keep the details secret for our customers. But I will say it also involves article marketing, thus making it a great fit to use in collaboration with our automation solutions.

Cash Plan #4: ClickBank Cash Blogs

This is a series of videos that shows step-by-step how to set up product review blogs, where you will earn commissions from ClickBank products.

This is a perfect fit for our systems, because remember... you're getting the Instant Product Review Automator included in your package.

The cool thing is that with our automation processes, you'll have an edge over most other marketers who are using these strategies!

PushButton MODULE #5: Instant Content

OK, so between the Push Button Marketer package, and this Total Automation Package, we've given you a ridiculous amount of things to HELP YOU SUCCEED.

You've got our cutting edge software, you've got training videos, you've got the blueprint, you've got our turn-key Instant Automators, and now you've even got a collection of easy-to-implement Cash Plans.

What more could you want?

This module is our way of "throwing in the kitchen sink".

We've already given you everything you need, and now we're going to one-up ourselves and give you even more.

How about some instant pre-written content, that you can use for anything you want to use it for?

# You can sell it
# You can use the articles on your blog
# You can turn it into a product
# You can use it for autoresponder series
# You can create a report and give it away to build your list
# The possibilities are endless...

All of it is Private Label Rights/Master Resale Rights.

Here are the three PLR Content Packages that you'll be receiving in this Total Automation Package today...

PLR Content Package #1: 150 PLR Articles

PLR Content Package #2: 750 Traffic Tactics

PLR Content Package #3: 1500 Secret Marketing Strategies

That's a total of 2400 articles of pre-written content that you can use for ANYTHING!

How long would it take you to write all of THAT!? You could even multiply it by plugging some of it into our Instant Ebook Automator (included with this Total Automation package). There's enough content here to create 100 ebooks with our software.

OK, and last but not least... it's time for something dark and sneaky...

PushButton MODULE #6: Black Hat Automation Secrets

It's time for a little walk on the dark side.

Don't worry, we would never promote anything illegal.

We just want to provide you with some "alternative" marketing methods that you might be interested in.

These are the tactics that the gurus won't even mention. Behind closed doors, many of those top gurus actually do these things to get massive amounts of traffic, but they don't talk about it publicly because they don't want to be labeled a "black hat" marketer.

We thought it would be a good addition to our Total Automation Package, because it just so happens that the stealthiest black hat marketers are usually masters of automation.

They use automation to game the system, and it often works.

It also just so happens that our Macro Marketer software is perfectly capable of carrying out many of these black hatter techniques. So... what the heck, we'll just tell you what it's capable of (without RECOMMENDING anything), and we'll let you make the decision whether it's something you want to try.

If you decide not to take the plunge into the world of black hat marketing, I think you'll at least find these materials to be very entertaining, as you discover what some very successful marketers are doing under the radar.

Here's what you'll get...

Black Hat Ebook #1: Blackhat SEO Tactics

This ebook lays the foundation of Blackhat SEO for you. The biggest part of the blackhat game is us vs. the search engines...

After all, the search engines make the rules and have the power to cut off your traffic with the click of a button. Of course they're not happy with anyone circumventing their rules and sharing part of their profits, and this is why it is so crucial that you learn how to protect yourself and your income from their prying hands. There is absolutely nothing illegal or even unethical about this.

The search engines have been artificially playing with the rules of traffic generation for years, and it's time that we develop a new approach and leveling the playing field. This ebook shows you how its done.

Black Hat Ebook #2: Automated Black Hat Marketing Tricks

This ebook gets into the tactics that can be implemented with automation software such as ours. Some of the methods are fairly grey-hat, and you can use them to generate traffic without worrying about stepping on anyone's toes. But some of the methods mentioned in this ebook are unethical, and we do not do them.

Nevertheless, I do believe that marketing is war. And a day may come when you may need to turn to one of these tactics. Some of the things covered are not for the faint-hearted. There are things you could do to literally wipe out your competitor's traffic (I've never done it personally).

Again, if you're not into it... consider it entertainment!

In case you hadn't noticed...

This Total Automation Package is simply exploding with value!

If you just harness a small percentage of the potential marketing power contained this package, you'll be doing very well for yourself.

And if you take it a step further and assimilate the majority of this package into your business, you'll most likely be thanking us for years to come!

While you're spending more time with your loved ones, taking vacations, and enjoying the things you love to do... please remember who introduced you to the tools that automated your business!

Let's do a quick recap of what you'll be receiving in this package...

Included Component Value
MODULE #1) Instant Automators (Pre-built Macros)
Instant Article/Blog Post Automator $297.00
Instant Ebook Automator $247.00
Instant Autoresponder Series $250.00
Backups Automator $100.00
Facebook Automator $50.00
Language Translation Automator $147.00
PDF Creation Automator $37.00
SMS Mass Text Messaging $197.00
Social Bookmarking Submitter $79.00
Search Engine URL Submitter $29.95
Twitter Automator $97.00
Website Monitoring Automator $127.00
Image Resize/Graphic Manipulation $67.00
Download Manager $27.00
Email/Customer Support Automator $300.00
Instant FTP $29.95
One Stop Social Networking $97.00
Keyword Research Automator $127.00
MODULE #2) Premium Automation Videos
How to Automate Your Email $27.00
How to Automate All of Your CPanel Backups $27.00
How to Schedule 500 Updates to Twitter $27.00
Language Translation Macros in Action $27.00
Make Unlimited Website Templates $27.00
Automating Statistics/Accounting $27.00
MODULE #3) Extra Automation Software
Sales Copy Automators $250.00
Article Distribution Automator $97.00
MODULE #4) Automatic Cash Plans
30 Day BUM Marketing Blueprint + Software $127.00
Using EzineArticles to Pour Cash into Your Wallet $37.00
The Stealth Marketing Tactic $47.00
ClickBank Cash Blogs $97.00
MODULE #5) Instant Content with Private Label / Master Resale Rights
150 PLR Articles $150.00
750 Traffic Tactics $97.00
1500 Secret Marketing Strategies $197.00
MODULE #6) Black Hat Automation Secrets
Blackhat SEO Tactics $97.00
Automated Black Hat Marketing Tricks $139.00
TOTAL VALUE: $3,802.90

OK, so as you can see, this package has a "street value" of $3,802.90

We hope you can see that the tools and materials in this collection will help you MAXIMIZE your profits as you build and grow your online business.

We've seen other packages selling for as much as $1997.00 or MORE lately, and those certainly didn't include any Instant Automators like we're including for you today. Most of the other "collections" for sale are merely "information products", whereas we're providing real income-producing materials and components that you can actually integrate into your business immediately.

Think about just these three of the Instant Automators for example...

# Instant Article/Blog Post Automator
# Instant Ebook Automator
# Instant Autoresponder Series

We originally considered using just those three Automators for this entire package. And we COULD https://www.tradebit.comcessfully. I mean, aren't you interested in investing in a solution that writes articles, ebooks, and emails for you?

I know I personally would have paid hundreds of dollars if such a solution were presented to me.

So we included those Automators, but THEN we kept adding more and more to the package as we came up with new and exciting ways to help you automate your business.

And we ended up with the MASSIVE Total Automation Package that you see here on this page.

Taking all of this into consideration, I think we're easily justified in charging a reasonable price of $397.00 for this fantastic collection.

But Wait!!!

Remember at the top of this page, when we said this is our way of thanking you for investing in our Push Button Marketer package?

Well, we really do want to make this the biggest and best value, for the smallest investment possible. That's why we're going to let you have all of this for...

$397.00 $297.00 $197.00

Only $97 TODAY!

Double the Opportunity

But remember, this is a One Time Opportunity. And when I say "one time", I mean one time.

This offer will NOT be made available to you again.

We will never offer this deal publicly, and you will NOT have another chance to get it for this price. We might offer it again exclusively to paid customers of Push Button Marketer, but if we do, the price will be a MINIMUM of $197.00+.

Do not come asking us for this offer later. Not even later today. I'm sorry, but there will be no exceptions to this rule.

After you order below, your download page will contain the Push Button Marketer package (which you already paid for), the bonuses from it, PLUS all of the products included in this special offer for the Total Automation Package. You will have access to download all of it immediately.

Grab It Now!

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