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Featured technology overview

Tradebit integrates a wide variety of technology!

Working with tradebit gives you the great power of a platform independent environment, regardless if you work on Windows, Mac or Linux: is tested / works with / features
Modern Browsers MSIE © FireFox Mac OS X Safari ©
Internet Standards HTML 4.01 FTP protocol RSS feeds
Common Extensions Windows Media
Player ©
Real Media
Player ©
Winamp MP3
Player ©
Flash ©
(MP3 conversion)
(Picture conversion)
FTP clients PHP-Blogger
(Your photo blog)
RAD Upload
(Drag'n'Drop upload)
Platform technology PHP
serverside coding
Red Hat
Enterprise Linux
online payments
online payments
Open Source Projects
Movable Python: Python on a Stick hosts with us

PHP GUI: We proudly host the Deployment Environment Gnope for PHP Gtk2

Some of the features that are included

Integrates seamlessly with Affiliate Networks!

Search engine friendly URLs: no session IDs, simple linking!

Secure file locations for your data!

Use your OWN PayPal account, protect your customers!
(Remember roughly: 1 high quality picture = 1 Megabyte, 1 MP3 file = 4 Megabyte)

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