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Here are some OLDER tutorials and HowTos

Documents New video help files:

Change your layout
account layout
Setup your account!
Upload files
account layout
Start selling within minutes!
Setup a discount group
account layout
Your customers in groups!

Documents Documents / text based:

PDF Quickstart: PDF document on how to get started with your new tradebit account. Podcasting: page that explains where you will find your podcast stream. Forum Entry: Group Subscription: This Forum entry introduces the new PayPal subscription feature to your groups!
Forum Entry: Javascript Portable Products: An example of how to display a product on your pages using JavaScript! XNview Thumbnails: A little online document shows you how to create thumbnails with XNview.

Documents Older Flash Videos (based on the previous layouts):

Download eBooks: This shows you our ebooks feature and the DRM functions. Activate and read your eBooks on your PC, mobile phone, etc. VIDEO HowTo "Layout": This online flash video by MusiciansCooler shows you how to config your Layout. VIDEO HowTo "Upload Files": MusiciansCooler gives you a walkthrough the upload and editing process.
Setup your PayPal account: Another great MusiciansCooler online video shows you how to config tradebit for selling files with PayPal. VIDEO HowTo "Manage Groups": And this movie gives you an idea, how to manage your groups and give discounts to your customers. Affiliate Management Flash Draft: I created a short click thru in an affiliate section of a merchant... Not real nice, but helpful!
Play Button Creation: A little "quick and dirty" presentation to explain how the play button for your homepage can be created. Custom Link Creation: Shows you with a slight accent, how to create link for a file, which you want to give away for a custom price (e.g. 0$) CSV Bulk Import: Without sound, but shows you the complete process of importing a lot of products at once via CSV.
Create Product Collections: Shows you how to create new virtual products without using additional file space. FTP to FTP Transload: Gives you a good idea of the new Transload feature - loading files from other servers. ebay Turbo Lister Import / Export: Short video to explain how you get your files into the ebay Turbo Lister using our manager.
Sales process: (NEW) a short clickthru from the user point of view, when buying a file with paypal! Export products to Google: another fine clickthru about exporting to Google Base and Froogle directly from your account. Introduced 03/2006.

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