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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for beginners and advanced users (Online videos)

1. Introduction
Start here and you understand the platform right from the beginning.
2. Buyers' Viewpoint
Buyers' point of view
See how buyers experience the platform and download stuff.
3. Affiliate How-To
Affiliate Integration
Affiliate webmasters can resell our huge collection easily!
4. Payments
Online Payments
How are payments processed on Tradebit, what options do merchants have?
5. SEO Tricks
SEO Tricks
Now you can start to drive some serious traffic to your pages. Most requested info!

Additional tips and tricks, that we have posted here over the past few months:

Download Client
open source client
Open Source download client, written in RealBasic.
Adobe eBooks
Adobe eBooks format
The digital edition eBooks on tradebit are provided with an Adobe account.
Sell External Files
Build a mailing list
You can offer your files from other servers as well easily.
Wordpress Integration
Wordpress affiliate shop
You can sell directly out of your Wordpress blog, or promote as an affiliate!

If something is not explained in our videos, email our customer care system on support(at) - we try to answer within 24 hrs during the week.