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Learn to Play the Harmonica with Adam Gussow
Adam Gussow is not just a king of harmonica playing, he is also an exception teacher - as proven by his leading learn harmonica video tutorial series.
This is for beginner harmonica players who have completed the basic training offered on Adam's website and are ready to commit to the next phase of harp playing. A solid companion into the world of blues musicianship.

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Anyone Can Play Harmonica By Peter Madcat Ruth (video)

Anyone Can Play Harmonica An Easy Guide to Getting Started Method of Delivery: Video File (.avi) 36 Mins. Heres a lesson for people of any age who want to play the harmonica. This pocket-size instrument has been a favorite for generatio......
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Tradebit Tips: Learn to Play Harmonica
You may have the impression that the harmonica is the instrument of choice for jail-birds and those that really have some blues to sing about, but learning to play the harmonica and choosing it as your instruments is the opportunity to make some beautiful sounds! You can learn to play this small metal instrument with keyholes for air and chords and make great music- from your blues and jazz favorites to just about anything you like in any key and with any sound.

Getting started

Learning to play the harmonica is not as easy as just picking up the instruments and blowing through the holes. It takes step by step instructions and you have to try different harmonicas and learn different positions to know how to best use the instruments. If you've ever been interested in taking harmonica lessons and learning how to play for free, look no further than the following tutorial and the many accompanying videos that are available for free for those who want to start to learn how to play the harmonica.

Listen, listen, listen

First things first, where should you start? When you want to learn how to play the harmonica you should make it a priority to listen and learn from video, audio, and any other possible free music outlet. The key to this is not to harp on the details, but to get an overall feel for the instruments, and what kind of music you want to be playing, and where to start. Pick a site that you love, or a player that you love, and listen for the key elements of sound- and then try to extend that into how you want your playing to sound. Before you invest in lessons, remember that there are many free resources waiting just for you to discover them.

Finding your way around the harmonica

In terms of the technical details of the instrument, you'll need to learn how to use the harmonica. The instrument is based on a harp sounding diatonic scale. Not all harmonicas are alike, so make sure you find a good one and try all of the mouth positions possible to make sure that it is a good fit.

Types of harp

Some of the great harmonicas that are favored by individual players also have custom holes, and they can bend the instrument to their particular need. You will have to learn to time your step while studying this instruments, as it's quite easy to get lost in the melee of great internet legends playing the blues and great jazz on youtube!

Get involved

Some harmonica players have studied for years, and they are also happy to help you right within their community. If you would like to know a technical details of how to get the notes to sound a certain way, or you have a musical question about a certain single note and how to bend it or manipulate it with a different mouth shape, don't be shy- approach the harmonica player community, both in person and online. They are there to help you and they know what reply to give you in order to strengthen your musical know how. More seasoned harmonica players can help with a single note, draw, or technique, and they are happy to share what they have learned in terms of youtube video responses or through email or any other way that they can contact you. Be sure to visit some live music venues to meet harmonica players to really get to know them so that you can contact them in person as well.

The road ahead

Learning the harmonica can be a lot of work. But feel free to share your struggles and your mastered techniques with your fellow students! You can have fun learning online, learning in person, and you will be able to thank you grandpa for leaving that old harmonica around in the basement for you to tinker with all these years later, when you impress your friends and relatives with the new jazz tabs you break out on July 4th!

Harmonica techniques

Some other beginner harmonica technique tips that you'll want to look into include: tremolo work, how to read notes, chromatic scale work, mouth position, hole covering and air blow technique, reading tablature, bending the sound, and doing a hand check for common position placement. For advanced players, writing major songs or playing in a big band or another type of music group with multiple instruments and people, you will want to make sure that you have your technique down pat enough to be a featured soloist in a band. Watch the rest of your group, listen to their sounds, pick a different tune to riff and improvise upon, and you'll be doing basic 'jamming' with your harmonica all together!

Here are a few other tips to take with you:

#1 Don't try to do this all on your own. Although there are many free resources and one forum after the next for harmonica tips, it's best to eventually take a lesson, after informing yourself as much as possible.

#2 Practice in the privacy of your own home before putting your hat out on the side of the road for tips!

#3 One of the steps used to learn harmonica is trial and error- don't worry if it's not sounding perfect immediately or you can't cover your favorite blues riff. This is a process that takes time, so take a page from the most famous educators and remember: practice makes perfect!

Have fun whilst you learn to play the harmonica!