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Cycling Tips from Tradebit
Cycling is making a comeback whether it's in the studio or outdoors. For the best tips and tricks as well as sizing up equipment and brands, let Tradebook lead the way to your cycling success. What better place to start then a biography of one of the greats- Tommy Simpson. His life story and cycling journey will inspire you on your ride.

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Biking - How To Ride Strong Package

Knowing the type of bike you need before you go shopping is half the battle! Dont rely on commission-hungry sales associates to make your decision for you! While you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know not to buy a mountain bike if youre......
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Tradebit's top cycling tips and secrets!

If you are interested in cycling, if you love watching the events like the Tour de France race each year, and if you've decided that cycling is for you, you will need to know the best tips on how to begin your new sports addiction before you get out for a ride on the open road! Training for cycling can be fun, can be done with friends or alone with just your bike and the road, and can really get you in better shape, and maximum health! If you want to get better at racing or to make a break into this sport, just read along to find out how Tradebit can help with your racing fitness and performance!

Tradebit's Best Cycling Tips #1

When taking a cycling tour, you want to make sure that you have the best gear to help you along your journey. From the moment you leave home, you have precious little time to make your next destination- whether that is at the end of the day or in just a few hour's time. You need to make sure that your bike is ready for the race or just the way that you'll be riding. That said, you will need to pack certain things, but keep it light. Active wear, water, energy bars, wicked shirts, weather ready attire should it turn bleak, and of course a pack to carry it plus a small tire pump are all necessary for long cycle rides.

Tradebit's best cycling tips #2

If you want to get better at cycling, why not join a group of cyclists on their journeys? You will improve, you'll be a member of a sports team, you'll all work together at keeping active, and most importantly for cycling, you'll learn to use good judgment for road racing: the policy of how to share a lane, how to round the curve of a mountain, and how to make sure you are in the right gears so that you don't waste all your strength biking up and down said mountain!

Cycling as a team sports makes it easier to account for this as a training sport in order to get fit and lose weight. If this is the fitness routine that you are looking for, a group of women or men that have the same interest make it easy for you to stick to the terms of your exercise routine and will rejoice in everyone getting the results that they are looking for. Why not contact a local team today?

Tradebit's best cycling tips #3

If you're not quite ready to join a group, but you want to know more about cycling, instead of running out to your nearest bike shop, you can also find everything on the internet that you need to start. In the privacy of your own home, you can login to site after site for cycling enthusiasts and talk bikes, best and safest helmet, find forums for road maps, trail races and best cycling routes, search for the best gear, and much more. With facebook and twitter you can find fellow cyclists, look for a group in your area that is online, find a personal guide online to help you choose the best bicycle, and more.

There are also online magazines that have video reviews of the best gear and have other videos of footage from recent bike races and featured races from the past years. In 2013 it seems easy to do things online ? you just have to look for what you want, read about what you need, view any page that could help you stay motivated with your race plans, and find advice about almost every cycling related terms that you need to know about! The keyword here is to network through your internet network!

Tradebit's best cycling tips #4

If you are cycling for your health, you will also want to find out about general nutrition and how you can condition your exercise routine to really maximize the effect that it's having on your body. Remember, those who train to run marathon races are looking for their best running times, but also have to pace themselves. You can't just jump into running after a few days and then run a half marathon length with hard sprints. Cycling is the same. It make take more than a week to build up to the distance that you want to set as the goal for your races.

If you have a certain finish line in mind, that may even take years. You should stop and view your goals and see whether they are realistic or not. Many times our heart races faster than our feet can actually take us for our activities and goals. In any sport, you have to pace yourself. A great way to do that is to check out all of the featured products that Tradebit has in the cycling section to help you sort out your goals on a realistic basis.

Tradebit's best cycling tips #5

Just as there is a difference between a treadmill and putting right after left and running on the road, there is also a difference between cycling indoors and out. A stationary bike doesn't get affected by the weather! Outside elements are things that can slow you down or give you even more motivation! A decade or two ago it was popular to sit inside and cycle on a stationary bike. Today spin classes are back in style and gyms advertise them constantly. Make sure you don't give up just because it looks like it will be a wet day outside!

If you don't have the right gear to wear for an outside ride, consider a spin class, where the instructor is on the 'stage' pushing you to the max! Whether it's indoor or outdoor, you can always get a good workout in any weather! Feel free to power through these indoor workouts, create steep inclines, listen to your 'coach', and just keep going as long as you can push yourself. When you hear all of the wheels turning together and see each head bobbing up and down while climbing or pushing to the max, it won't matter what part of the map you're on if you are indoors.

Tradebit's best cycling tips #6

Make this the year that you make a change. You've read about the obesity epidemic in the news. You know the rules of the game are nutrition plus exercise. Nothing in life is free, so you have to work hard to reach your goals. Let Tradebit's services for great eBooks and audio motivation help you reach those fitness goals. You'll save time and money by looking through our focused search here. Instead of updating your blog and sitting like a couch potato chained to your desk today, get out there on your bike and ride!