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Running Tips on Tradebit
Whether you're jogging for additional fitness, or beginning to run and train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, Tradebit's running tips section has the best eBooks and guides for your training sessions. You'll learn how to pace yourself, form and technique skills, and endurance and strength building tips. Take charge of your running and join us out there today.

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Tradebit's Running Tips Corner

Welcome! If you are interested in running in all forms, including how to run a marathon and how to train for a 5k, 10k or half marathon, the following tips are just for you! In order to be training successfully for any kind of running or marathon, you don't necessarily have to be at the best fitness level for your life, but you do have to know how your body works and how best to approach training for running based on your health, weight, physical fitness and how much time you have to train for a big event.

Running Tips for beginners: Gear

If you are new to the sport of running, here are a few things you don't want to miss before you begin your training. First thing's first- the gear. Most runners that you see crossing finish lines in 2013 may not have much on except biker shorts and a wicked running shirt with some ear pods to listen to music, but one of the most important things on their bodies are shoes. Choosing the right shoe for your running style, or gait, is extremely important.

It can make or break your pace, and it can improve your running time. Having the wrong running shoes can also cause a lot of pain that is otherwise avoidable. First tip for a future runner- get thee to a running store where you can be specially fitted for shoes. Don't just trust sizing. Trust the machines and the employees who are there to help you choose what is best for your feet. This will help prevent possible injury and definitely avoid any other problems you can run into.

Running tips for beginners: Pace

If you want to be a serious runner, whether you race or not, you will have to follow a certain number of workouts at home, in your neighborhood roads, on the track at the local high school, or even indoors on the treadmill. Runners have different preferences for the use of surfaces. Some feel better doing their workout on a treadmill in the privacy of their own home, but then have trouble transferring their training to the actual road. Either way, you'll have to find the right plan for you.

If you're doing a 5k or training for a half marathon, you need to chart your progress each day. Make an effort to calculate your miles and minutes (there are plenty of apps and trackers for this!).

Tradebit has the best selections of eBooks and running music for you to really keep up a great pace. If you really love what you're listening to, you can stay active for every one of the races and training sessions that you do, on your own terms, regardless of weather. You need to know what motivates you. And to find out, check out all of the programs that we offer to track your daily exercises, your regiment, your nutrition and what you eat, and the pace of your runs.

Running tips for beginners: Support and motivation

One of the reasons people take up running is weight loss- especially women. Other beginners try to get into the habit of a fit lifestyle. Others want to rise to the challenge of a marathon or half marathon that they believe in for a certain charity. No matter what the terms of your running goals are, you want to be accountable to someone. If you are an online junkie, why log log in and make a change? You can monitor your progress and share it with your friends over facebook and twitter.

You can also start a personal blog to document your training.

You can do a world of good for your own motivation and life change if you find strength in those that are like minded to guide your training. It's always easy to start, but it's even easier to lose motivation and stop. When you read the news of a fellow runner's daily, weekly or monthly walking or running goals, it can motivate your own training and get you to try new plans of action to reach your goals.

Running tips for beginners: Extra free information

If you're looking for more tips for beginners for free, try to seek out extra support for your reading materials and viewing materials. Almost every sports magazine has an online component with events you can read about or log in for. You can create an account, usually for free or very cheap, where you can get trainer tips from professionals about how to go about training the right way when you start running.

Many popular magazines also have video shorts so you can watch form and training techniques related to the type of running you are doing. If you want to approach your training in a healthy way, you will quickly learn that your muscles will need time on and off.

On your off days you can do other popular but relaxing activities like yoga, mountain biking, trail walking, working out at the gym excluding the treadmill for speed, or any of your other favorite activities for the week. For the prevention of running-induced issues such as plantar fasciitis and other related issues, you have to make sure that you also feel what is right while you are doing any long runs. No everyone is built to automatically run anywhere around a 5k or more, so learn to take things slowly, and always include a warm up and a cool down- you'll save your body a lot of pain this way.

Running tips for beginners: What can you achieve

Everyone enters the running mindset with different terms. A few women's or men's issues revolve around weight loss and trimming the fat. Some do it in a combination with counting calories for optimal weight loss and a lean look. Some want to run because they feel good, they need their runner's high and to feel their heart racing, and it's one of the most popular and least expensive sports of our times. If you are interested in running and running techniques, you don't need to be at the top of your game.

You need to have a hot fire burning inside you to motivate you to get out the door, and keep getting out that door every day (or every other day depending on your training method!) Tradebit has everything you need to choose the best running program for your health and fitness goals. Take our advice, it's the best thing you'll do for your health- and if by chance your abs start to look defined and your muscles get lean, that's just an added bonus!